Wellington Hotel

They spoke long and laying during the passage and when arriving at Bogota, where the company had sent him exceptionally to realise concrete managements, they married. You are exactly the man who was looking for, said Susana to him, by all explanation. Logically, he was not going to tell him that he was already married. So he omitted the detail. He arrived at Madrid sunk in these pleasant memories and when going to take a taxi he saw to his wife Berta, that is to say, to raise a car with a type at that watched all surary one. Plenty of stupor, only gave time to say him to the taxi driver, like in the films: Siga that car.

After the initial amazement, already nor it surprised to him that both vehicles were stopped before which was its Madrilenian address. While one lowered of the taxi was seen by the horrified Berta that it replaced right away and, after whispering something to the ear of its companion, one went fast and energetic towards him. It gave two sonorous kisses him in the cheeks and before it could recover it said to him: I do not mount any scene. And less in front of my husband and of my children. Your husband? . Your children? Acert to formulate the phrases with great difficulty, while over the shoulder of the woman he saw leave the car to a boy of about five years and one girl of two. He waned when verifying, in spite of the distance, the similarity of those children with he himself. you do not arm to any uproar, he continued saying a Berta stranger to him, fries like an iceberg: Robert thinks that they are children his .

Or that is stammered Juan, that one time was no such abortion Already you see responded his wife to him, with a face vitiates : your prolonged absences they have given of himself so that I could give birth several children without you occurred to account . EP but, your husband, you say? . What you are created? laughed frankly the other already That you are the unique one in having one double life, with two spouses and two families? So you know the one of Susana! . Clear that I know the one of Susana and also with whom deceives to you. Minutes later, the bigamist sunk one and aging called to the door of room 112 of the Wellington Hotel, in the beginning of the street Velasquez, as it finished saying Berta to him. A magnificent Susana, radian of love and sex, that he believed flying towards New York, abri the door to him before remaining petrified by the astonishment. On the other hand, Juan, overwhelmed, saw in the bed the bottom of the room, as soon as covered by a sheet, to Greta, the inseparable friend of his wife, with whom he supposed that he entertained myself during his absences, but, that yes, of a different good form. Original author and source of the article.