Warming Loggia

Balcony or loggia – is a natural extension of the apartment, but in urban conditions – often the only way to 'get on the air. " However, with the onset of cold weather balcony usually turns into a junk store up the onset of heat. Make a balcony or loggia cozy and comfortable part of the home, increasing the flat for a few square meters, on which? You can not spend the coldest months, allow some simple work on warming loggias and balconies. Of course, the first balcony should glaze. For this set of wood, and recently more and more plastic frames with glass or fiberglass. Frames occupy the entire space from the top balcony railings to the bottom of the balcony the next floor.

Typically, these frames of the simplest designs that contain whole glass. And only in the middle of the balcony or loggia, facing the door, set the pull-down shutters for ventilation. Installation of single panes allows you to enjoy a balcony with outside temperatures of up to +10-12 . Double-glazed windows also make the balcony or loggia comfort zone, with appropriate insulation, and after a loss snow. Frames with windows installed on the balcony, exposed to large wind loads than conventional windows. This is caused by and large areas of glazing and the fact that the balconies protrude from the walls of buildings in the area of air flow. Therefore, special attention should be given the strength fastening frames to the balcony and among themselves.