Walk The Line

Walk the Line and beyond (2005-Present) in 2005 premiere of Walk the Line at the International Film Festival in Toronto. 2005 is the year of Reese Witherspoon. Start with a new box-office success, Just Like Heaven (Just Like Heaven), which definitely earns the scepter of the new queen of comedy. But in November if Reese’s entire career would take a new direction. That month in the U.S. opens the movie Walk the Line (Walk the Line). The film premiered in 2005 at the International Film Festival in Toronto. The biopic of country singer Johnny Cash gets rave reviews both from the audience as by the press. Reese plays June Carter, wife of the singer said. In the film, actors Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherpoon used their own voices to interpret the songs of the mythical “black man”.The awards season came to Hollywood and Reese Witherspoon took home nine awards from critics and including the Critics Award, the Audience Award, SAG, Golden Globe, and to finish, the Oscar . Then Witherspoon starred in the movie Rendition, which premiered in 2007, this production had mixed reviews and Witherspoon’s performance was praised by critics, also appeared in Penelope, whose film was made in 2006 but was released in 2008, this Witherspoon movie had a supporting role, acted together with his co-star Christina Ricci, in the tape played the best friend of Penelope, Annie. That same year, she starred along with actor Vince Vaughn, the film Four Christmases, which earned mixed reviews from critics.His most recent film was the animated film Monsters vs. Aliens, which was released in April 2009, Witherspoon was the voice for this produccin where he played opposite Seth Rogen, Amy Poehler, ‘among others, the film received generally good reviews by Critics, Witherspoon has been included in talks for other projects, of which nothing has not been defined.