Venezuela Melilla

Samuel's older brother was born in Venezuela Melilla and his brother Mario was born, the family musicologist, in the same place that has given shelter and nationality after their four children: Jim Alain, Ariane Sara, Daniel Nissim and Annette who Thamara emulated her mother for those things of fate. 1936 was a difficult time, war breaks out in Spain and their parents after returning from America, they decide to live in Tangiers but Melilla again four years later to give birth to her only child female, protagonist of this story. So he spent his childhood and forth, until the real learning begins. He had few days in school, then called Lycee Regnault of Tangier in recess Star met one of her friends, began playing and speaking in Spanish. The teacher, realizing this detail, took them to the address and took his hands, he put his fingers to with a ruler up and gave them both a knock on the fingertips, along with the threat that the same punishment again whenever they were found speaking a language other than French, three months in the kindergarten school and then the shock by that punishment, spoke Estrella fully French. His encounter with the real mathematics can say it was successful and also romantic.

Here one should note the special circumstances surrounding the process. The French high school teachers were brought from France, the Mediterranean heat for those suffering from certain diseases was the best cure. For this and other details, the vast majority of teachers applied their curricula to operate outside the French territory because the pay was double extraterritoriality and Tangier was a city relatively close.