The True De Rosa

There it was. Thirty years later. Thirty years older. Thirty years failed. Engaged in these thoughts had not noticed the presence at the next table three young girls until one of them laughed a hearty laugh, transparent, musical. Then looked at her.

His stomach suddenly shrugged and began to ache with irregular spasms and burning. De Rosa had been only sweet memories and a few photos of the week fabulous and amazing. The girl was already physical part of it, to the obvious desperation of such Joao, who had accepted the worst possible degree the presence of Manuel in the group. “It’s not just a bourgeois shit, “he said aloud to their classmates, at a time when he knew that Rose could hear him. Given the supposedly deterrent gestures of another comrade who tried to warn of the closeness of the couple in the belief that Joao had not noticed, he added: “And to top it off, works as a lackey of a multinational