The Temptation

Pressure and deadlines some customers have great expectations, and it is understandable. Remember, they pay their bills! But you can really be creative when you’re under pressure? Some people have no problems with stress and manage to maintain its balanced levels of quality, however, easy matter is no to achieve it, it is why we must protect us giving us realistic timeframes and not exaggerating the expectation of the expected work. To cover us with time enough to not auto press us and be cold to being fixed delivery dates, if we believe that we can do it in two days since then say that we have made in three, thus win more time both to make a working with the quality you want and the appropriate speed. Here it is important to project security customer, that this is the appropriate time if you wish to receive a satisfactory job and that we will also not asking then you time extensions of time, we must show character and not always succumb to the time pressures that often make customers without a reason objectively. The second thing is to resist the temptation to inflate the quality expectations of the work that we will develop, if the client is already ours, do not open the mouth account complicating the work or making comments as we are the best and the design leave him speechless is to better show a low profile with a high capacity to interpret the needs of the client and then surprise you with work that took into account all the observations that we made.