The Skill

is until interesting as this reed-echo in the Ester life, then early it loses its parents being thus orphan, imagines the small fragile structure of this child if losing in the collapse of that it had more important in the life, it simply IT LOSES the SOIL. Destarte had to live of favor with the relative next than it had, and knows that the house of the others never is as aconchego of our home, but was this or the cold and dirty street of the quarter where Hadassa liveed! The skill was to accept. The shame imagines that suffered, criticizes them that it received, it was relays enslaved, poor and simply plus a girl it mistreats in way the huge Persian empire! I see here that is much more easy to have hope to win a war or to dream of the Gloria when already is born pretty, enjoying of robustness, force in a gold cradle. I want to see to have hope when you to all call they maltreat you small, ugly and strange. I want to see to dream when the soil is lost. The unemployment I vitiate, it distresses, beats it the door of your heart! But in the truth what the parents of Hadassa wanted to say for its son it was: ' ' Son I want that it knows that you can be as more the stranger between the plants, ugliest, you can until being taxed of without favour, that one in who all do not see utility, that all are not imported but I want that you KNOW of a secret. ALL HADASSA ONE DAY BLOSSOMS, AND BLOSSOMS MOST BEAUTIFUL BETWEEN THE FLOWERS, MORE THE CHEIROSA, MOST GRACIOUS! ' ' It is this that comes today you in teaching in this singela to them ticket; It can be that today you are one murta, one hadassa lost for the world the rejection, one day God it gave a promise to you, today you is forgotten and humiliated by all its return, abandoned, rejected.