The Reality

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And with this form to watch the reality it does not take in arriving the resentment, that follows and continues draining our energy and personal power. Another position exists from which we can stop to us and is the POSITION OF RESPONS (H) ABILIDAD, that is to say our ability from answer to the surroundings that surround to us. The benefit that we won from this position is the power personnel, we felt powerful and proactive (PROACTIVE), advancing to look for action alternatives to us, arranging to look for solutions completely to us, introducing to us within the problem and doing position to us from a roll protagonist. We try to create the possibilities that still do not exist; and in means of so many " not puedos" or said by others or been born from our own thought, we dealed with not listening to them and in its replacement, we chose internal conversations of possibility. I propose some questions to them that come mind so that are done you to you yourself at moments of adverse and difficult situations that it frames this position of responsibility and protagonism: What message underlies hidden in this situation? How it could turn this into an opportunity? Which are the possibilities that appear before these facts? How I can observe it so that it serves to me and it supports towards which really I want? What blessings and privileges of my life I need to recognize and to enjoy? Of what I must do position to me? Why and why it will be that it passes this to me? What I need? How I am in other areas of my life? It passes something to me similar? I feel like victim? Alive and so it touches to me or I look for alternatives to be better? Why I remain in a pessimistic emotion? Which is the benefit? What price I am paying to continue acting in the same way? What benefits would have if my way to act outside different? What I must do that before or until now I did not do? How long I am more going to continue looking for guilty before making me responsible for the part that corresponds to me? It could face how it of a different way with respect to it came as it until now facing? How it could carry out it? What prevents me to make something different? Of what I am scared? On what facts those fears are based? It seems to you that they are founded? What orders of aid make lack do and to whom? I am in contact with the enemy with that I need? What would do if I had left 1 year of life? We act from the excellence, when we chose to focus in which we have today, in which yes is under our control, in which we can do starting off of the blessings that we have while we extended the fan of different interpretations to choose that one that supports more to us towards the results than we wished.


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