The Production

That comes into the shop a hick (I do not know how to say it word in the feminine), which on paper has been written all! Where to go? Correctly, loan officer, to issue credit. And what did this woman. Went for a walk around the store and "consult" with the seller … Consultant … outcome of such consultations. Purchased a refrigerator, which the cash was worth something more than a half times more expensive. But, considering that the bank, a credit supervisor who I spoke to did not give the go-ahead for such expensive purchase, the credit was issued by another bank with a higher interest rate.

As a result, the final cost of clearing up more than 70% and imposed a heavy burden not only on its finances (well, some wage a music teacher at the village school), but also on her elderly parents with their very low pensions. Reasonable explanation of why she chose this model, I never received. Was some sort of baby talk about a bigger capacity, internal anti-bacterial coating and a special plastic chamber for the production of ice cubes. Yes, it certainly is vital, especially the ice cubes! How could live without them in the village for you! No money is not bad! Why does it happen! Why are consumer credit is not seen as a necessary step that has a lot of negative aspects as well as manna from heaven! "In the credit, not for money as we choose!" So what do not get in a "delicate" situation? 1.Before how to buy any thing on credit, you need at least two months (preferably more), keep accurate records of income and expenses.