The Life of Music

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The number of trophies in the form of enemy hands on the belt of the ancient warrior, publication of research scientist in the prestigious journals, the applause and shouts of "Bravo!" actor in the theater – that these categories were assessed and evaluated to date men. All people are different (hello, Captain Obviousness). Someone enough praise couples, friends, someone will not rest until they are delighted with millions, it's all a question of the individual himself. But somehow people are doing for the sake of achievement. However, our daily, cyclical Life can not impose its imprint on the person.

If in childhood and adolescence in humans is still time to do, the first adult individual should keep themselves, their parents and family. If a person has enough progress on this field: thanks his wife, parents smile and laughter of children, it is quite harmonious. But not everyone has a family, and not everyone wants to at the family arena. However, after a working day or within two short weekend – not so much time and effort is to ensure that something to do, create, create. Someone finds a hobby for themselves and approved it. Someone finds a force for creativity, or even any classes where you can implement to achieve.

A some do not. So many people are either afraid to start doing something, or is (chronically) are tired. They do nothing for their achievements (even the little ones), but they want them. They come to the aid things. They convert their money into things. The more expensive / stylish / beautiful / strange thing, etc., the more it attracts attention of other people. As a result, the thing a substitute for achievement. Who is cooler dude in jeans Dsquared for 500 euro, or lad in normal Collin's, whose playing guitar rave about a dozen of his friends? Achieving the guy in the Dsquared – his jeans, then, as the second character has achieved respect expense of composing music. But the problem is that the jeans Dsquared, it is – not an achievement of the wearer – is not he invented them. No he created them. To do something myself and proud of it much more difficult than buying a certain thing that needs to explain to others what you achieved something. I'm not saying that bad expensive clothes, live in an expensive house and drive expensive cars. This is very good. Bad when your achievement becomes expensive cars or clothes. The point, I think you have caught.


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