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Emotional reactions are varied: sadness concern loneliness irritability guilt depression intervention psychological: recommendations therapeutic psychological intervention should be cognitive behavioral, i.e., should focus on the modification of cognitive aspects (thoughts and emotions that may be facilitating the) disorder) and intervention on certain behaviors. Prepare him for the situation of mourning that will face in the future (if it is valued that it does not have effective coping strategies). Group Psychotherapy: this part is very important, the objective is to train you in social skills and problem solving whether internal (e.g. decide devote more time to his own health) or external (e.g. ask support to family and friends).

The Group has significant benefits: the therapist offers them detailed information about the disorder that suffer. They found support from other people in similar situations, so that they can see new ways to solve their problems. It helps them to overcome their isolation, which can encourage them to seek more social contacts outside the group. Listen to and share experiences with people in similar situations provides them emotional relief. The fact of knowing that their opinions and knowledge are listened to and valued can increase their self-esteem.

Tips for the caregiver very well informed about the care that requires the person who will take care of, so you can consult your doctor. Rest every day enough. Avoid self-medicate. Go to your doctor whenever you are wrong, do not leave it for later and do not put excuses not to go. Maintain the trails that are necessary if you have a disease (hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, etc.). Try to maintain their friendships and attend social gatherings and activities that will allow you to continue to expand their social networks. Continue some of the activities and hobbies you always liked (go to the cinema, walking, exercising, going to the pool, knitting, doing crosswords,). Don’t feel guilty about laughing or have fun, if you’re happy will be easier to cope with the situation. Take care of your physical appearance, this will improve your psychological well-being. You must have a time a week for yourself, so that you should seek help from a family member, a friend, or an Assistant who take care of the sick during that time than It belongs to you. It is also important to have a few days of vacation a year, after which you will see things differently.


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