Thailand Visa

Before going to Thailand, many are concerned about visas. Information on the Internet a lot, but it is all scattered and sometimes difficult to find clear answers to simple questions: Do I need a visa to Thailand for the Russians? How many days is valid visa stamp? What do I do with a visa, if I plan to stay in Thailand for a long time? What distinguishes the tourist visa to Thailand from other types of visas? Where can I apply for a visa in Thailand? What documents do I need? How much does it cost? As fill out the form for a visa? etc. So now all the latest information about visas to Thailand in one place. If you are not convinced, visit Koch Industries. Do I need to Russian citizens for entry to Thailand to get a visa? No. Citizens of Russia can be up to 30 days in the territory Thailand without a visa stamp on inbound tourism. Required documents: passport, valid for at least six months from date of entry into TaylandVyezdnye tickets from Thailand within 30 days. It can be as backward Tickets to Russia, and in any other stranu.Chto do if I plan to travel to Thailand more than 30 days? Get a tourist visa to Thailand before the Thai consulate in Russia to get a tourist visa at the Thai any country where there is konsulstvoposolstvo Thailand.

3. Make monthly trips Visa Run (Visa Run) in neighboring Thailand to upgrade the country visa-free tourist visas shtampa.Kakie types in Thailand are there? Single Visa for 3 mesyatsa.Dvuhkratnaya visa for 6 months. Multivisa. Allows you to repeatedly enter and leave Thailand during the period of vizy.Kakie documents are required for a visa to Thailand in Russia? Passport valid for at least 6 mesyatsevZapolnennaya questionnaire vizy.Fotografiya size (4×6 cm) on a blue or white – 2 sht.Podtverzhdenie to leave the Kingdom of Thailand (confirmed air ticket, fully paid) Proof of financial status (20,000 baht per person and 40,000 Baht per family) Certificate of employment (for employees) Copies of the Russian and zagranpasporta.Kakie documents are required to obtain a visa to Thailand in Thai consulate who are not in Russia? In this case, smaller set of documents: passport valid for at least 6 months completed application form for a visa. Photo size (4×6 cm) on a blue or white – 2 pcs. Copy zagranpasportKak correctly completed application form for a visa in Thailand? Sample questionnaires, a Thai visa, translated into Russian yazyk.Skolko visa cost in Thailand? For Russians, to the end of March 2011 tourist visa to Thailand Visa is issued besplatno.Chto Run (Visa Run)? So is a trip to cross the Thai border in order to upgrade the tourist visa stamp. In Thailand, such a procedure is very popular. The trip can be done independently (Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and other countries), or use the services of travel agencies that offer tour 'Visa Run', the term is sometimes Visa Run are due to travel from Thailand to neighboring countries not to upgrade stamp, but in order to obtain a tourist visa at the Thai consulate.