Web Children

A recent psychological study conducted in wsf on the impact that present video games on children, have shown that many users, mostly under the age of twelve, are able to develop skills of perception and psychomotor skills thanks to them. The study conducted in the area of psychology of wsf began with thousands of surveys to children under the age of 12 who are registered as users in webs of playgrounds that are easily in the network. These surveys consisted of assessments of skill and visual speed, levels of adrenaline during the games; control emotions, etc. Also examined the content of certain Web sites for games that have a high demand of daily visits, proving that none of them presents any content of violence, but that on the contrary they are only loaded with games that contribute to the improvement of certain skills that children fail to develop at home or school. Many of these sites reach more than one million visits a month and almost all registered users range between 5 and 12 years, thus proving that there is no violent content that may affect the user. On the contrary, in these websites children can learn to control their emotions, in case of being violent or simply have fun in free moments. It is necessary to identify the existence of pages on the net, which are available to all without age restriction and which also do not provide negative information to underage users. It is possible to check it by visiting, and as well as these there are many other websites that allow free development of capacities and at the same time prevent that children acquire negative behaviors.