Christmas Entertainment

Christmas must a little while be of peace and meeting with relatives and friendly, nothing else simple that. Therefore we did not need to buy a Christmas tree that costs U$ 50, nor to buy any of those expensive Christmas adornments, has value much more if we left expert artists them (our children) are in charge to create they themselves the adornments. I leave some ideas about which our children can obtain: If we give laminae them to draw and to color Christmas reasons, soon we can use them to adorn the house? Rinds of nuts, washable painting, vinlica tail and thread, are the sufientes materials to adorn the Christmas tree. A bow with the thread becomes and they stick two covers of a nut with the tail, leaving part of the thread inside so that it leaves a piece towards outside soon hanging. It is let dry and soon one paints the nut of pretty colors and forms. If you live near a beach you can do something similar with the shells of the snails of sea. Or with eucalyptus seeds if you live near a mount.

Also we can adorn the Christmas tree with postal that we have received? We can use small carjitas surrounded in paper of gift, as if they were small small gifts, but with the same idea to place a bow to them with thread to be able to hang them of the tree. They are tuna very if in addition we do small a monkey to them with tape of color. It With a thread in the Christmas tree can be drawn doves, genies, small Noel Papa, to color them and soon be hung. If your family is believing, also they puden to arm small pecebre with paper, cardboard and vinlica tail? We leave them young use its imagination, they are able (always under the supervision of a major) to generate funny ideas for the adornments. We must to motivate them to use the materials that we by hand have for it This constitutes a healthy diversion for the boys, to them them encata and they feel proud of this type of emprendimientos, whereas we managed to reduce costs. In addition soon we will keep like a small treasures and memory to Merry Christmas next to them. Another idea so that the children amuse themselves is that they free use some service of Internet so that they can write his letter to him to Santa Claus, for example in this site: What yes they must not have in very clear our children, is that the true reason for Christmas is not to give to give and to give, nor to receive either great or expensive gifts, thus we will be educating them to consumer not being hardened when they grow.

Anyway and as you will be thinking already it, it is almost impossible to persuade to a boy when thanks to the publicity has the fixed idea of a toy that we cannot pay. For that reason the prevention against the publicity is fundamental, on this subject I wrote in the previous article with title " Electronic entertainments VERSUS Domstica&quot economy;. Speech with your children and hazles to understand that Noel Papa not always does not bring exactly what are requested to him, sometimes run out the stock to him, can either bring many gifts for a single boy because they are many children in the world. Original author and source of the article.