More Like Medea

– How many of your staged images represented in the exhibition? – Well, approximately 1 / 3. Simply, we were very limited in time tour, new rooms, concerts, plays, shooting on television … I would like to put more pictures, but, unfortunately, not all managed to make it. – And if I may ask which of these images more impressed you? – All love. But if you specifically, it is, of course, Vera Cold (famous Ukrainian actress silent film era). She – my favorite actress, and she and I are very similar.

More like Medea – an unusually strong dramatic image. I love Princess Olga … And as for dancing, then I can not even choose, as each of them carries a unique creative image. – Today before the show "Love" in the foyer showing the author's program director and host George Veresotskogo "Autographs." Very nice program. The author of the program told me that you are giving a lot of benefit concerts and performances. Why do not you regretting their forces agree to act for the disabled and orphans. – Love.

Love to all. Understanding and empathy with human suffering. – I want to return again to the program "Autographs". This transmission, like no other, suitable for today's concert, "Love." As if the author was deliberately made for the holiday of St. Valentine. The program is filled with all the quotes about love. I even, I call this program, "Love." Tell me, Julie, where you will be more interesting to work in the theater or on television? – I am interested to work in theater and on television. Captures the process of work. Although the specifics are different. In this case, the program was filmed in one take, as well as work in the theater. In general, working with Yuri Veresotskim for me it was interesting and easy. We knew each other from the floor of the word.