Dark Matter Universe

“Dark energy – the amazing phenomenon of nature – was first discovered in observations of supernova that flared away from us, halfway to the horizon of the world. Dark energy makes ‘universal antigravitation’, which manifested in the accelerated expansion of the universe as a whole. According to this global effect of dark energy was discovered by two international teams of cosmologists observer in 1998-99. “” What are the properties of dark matter and dark energy? What are the cosmological evidence of their existence? What does it say in terms of physics of the microworld? What are the prospects for the study of dark matter and dark energy in the Earth’s environment? Universe expanding: the galaxies even further removed from each other. The space is stretched in all directions, and the farther away from us is one or another galaxy, the faster it is receding from us. Today, the pace of this expansion is limited: all distances will double in about 15 billion years, but before the expansion rate was much higher. The density of matter in the universe decreases with time, and in the future the Universe will become more and more tenuous. On the contrary, early universe was much denser than it is now.

On the expansion of the universe is direct evidence “red” light emitted by distant galaxies or bright stars: because the total length of the extension space wavelength of light increases at a time, until he flies to us. This phenomenon has been established by E. Hubble in 1927 and served as observational evidence of the expanding universe, predicted three years before Alexander Friedman. The essence of dark energy is a subject of controversy. It is known that it is very evenly distributed, has low density, and does not interact with any known through much of the fundamental types interaction – with the exception of gravity. The main feature of the “dark” energy, which is something we can tell, it’s surprising connection energy expansion of the universe (anti-gravity) with the phenomenon of gravitation. Can refer to the well-known popularizer of physics Paul Davies. ” If at the moment (the birth of the universe, the author), corresponding to 1 seconds, the rate of expansion would differ from its actual value by more than 10-18, this would be sufficient for the complete destruction of balance (gravity and anti-gravity, author). From the above, all three authors cited in the references, it should be only one, but it is very hard conclusion: in order to know the nature of the dark energy, it is necessary to know the nature (essence or cause) of gravity, which explored much more fully and since the time of Kepler, Newton. A new look at the nature of gravity, if not strange, provides the ability of light to spread in “Physical vacuum”. While other vacuum does not exist. The term “vacuum” is very unfortunate. Replace it with the notion of protection of the universe, which just and responsible, and for dark energy and for dark matter.

Harry Potter Mahjong Game

Histories of bruxinho Harry Potter had conquered the world since the first book ‘ ‘ Harry Potter and the Filosofal’ Rock; ‘ , launched for British writer J.K. Rowling, in 1997. Since then millions of fans in the whole world if had enchanted for the adventures of Potter, that had been folloied book after book and later through the films. However, everything that is good has an end, and the fans of Harry Potter had finished orphans. Therefore, he is that they had launched the games of Harry to potter, as ‘ ‘ Quadribol of Harry Potter’ ‘. The favourite sport of the bruxinhos of Hogwarts also makes success between internautas, therefore who learned to play Quadribol seeing the films of Harry Potter also will know to play it online.

Other games Harry to potter had been developed for who have homesicknesses of bruxinho more good people that already it appeared in world-wide literature. You already thought, for example, in playing a break-head in the Internet? Therefore this is possible with the game ‘ ‘ Break-Head of Harry Potter’ ‘. The rule is simple. He is enough that each player joins three or more parts and make combinations. Who to make right more gains many points.

But, attention: she is necessary to have aiming and to shoot the parts with precision and rapidity, therefore you can not obtain to finish the game in the stipulated time. Beyond this, other games of Harry to potter are available for who like to play with likeable bruxinho, as the game ‘ ‘ Harry Potter and the Map of the Maroto’ ‘. Much rapidity is necessary to play, therefore Harry Potter cannot be apanhado. To arrive at the end of the game, Potter has of if exempting of the traps and the professors who want to confuse it. It, can, also, be invisible, but also he can be apanhado. Therefore, either fast necessary in the movements, after all of accounts, nobody wants to see Harry defeated Potter, is not same? ‘ ‘ Harry Potter Mahjong’ ‘ it is another game very interesting and amused. This is plus a game that demands rapidity, therefore the time is passing. In this game, you it has to find the pairs of the photos. Seven levels are, being that difficulties go increasing as you go deciding the first levels. To play with the amiguinhos always more is amused of what playing alone, however, it does not have problems in if amusing without the company of other people, therefore the games of Harry Pottrer is very dynamic and any boy or girl will go to amuse trying to finish the games successfully. Therefore, he does not need to be worried. If its son is of pertaining to school vacations, with certainty, the games of Harry Potter is an excellent option so that it if amuses, that exactly alone. Another advantage of the games Harry Potter is that they are gratuitous, that is, its son or son can play how many times to want the same game. She is enough to have a computer to its disposal to have fun itself with the adventures of bruxinho more famous and charismatic that already appeared in literature. After all, who does not like to help Harry Potter to earn of its enemies?

Honda Civic Taipei

Cars with engines “eat” diesel fuel is increasingly and actively marketed. A that As for sporting qualities But the information for consideration: Honda Civic Taipei-P – is equipped with two-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine. Volkswagen Golf Ji-ti-ah – is equipped with two-liter gasoline engine. Renault Megane p24 – also feeds on gasoline Audi es 4 (es 6, es 8), Seat Leon Sport, Ford Focus Es-Te, Opel Corsa Oh-Pee-C, etc. And so on – they all move in a set of gasoline engines. The American Dream. When on the territory of the Russian Federation has build socialism in the U.S. Capitalist Hydra scored a convincing victory. This is also reflected in the automobile industry.

It is in the United States originated the concept of “Dreadnought” and “Muscle car”. Five-meter monsters with 5.8 liter engines sway in the vast North American continent until the onset of the fuel crisis. Legendary “Mustang”, “Corvette”, “Mosquito”, “Charger” and other great monsters are still terrified by dreams rather solid part of the male population. Sometime in the U.S. was simply shameful to drive a car with the number of cylinders less than eight. It was originated in the U.S. race for the line (aka drag racing). The oil crisis that occurred in the second half of the 20th century, it seemed, forever buried the culture of the giant motors and high capacity. But this is wrong assumption. (Make sure you have this, please read the line of engines for, say, the same “Mustang”, “Cherokee” or “300 C”).

Problems With Video / Audio Channels On The Tricolor

Sometimes a failed broadcast satellite Tricolor or after upgrading the software on the receiver dre 4000/DRE 5000 problems with sound and / or video package Tricolor tv channels: all channels or in part. The most common problems can be solved as follows: Turn on the receiver. Click on the remote control button Menu. The Main Menu receiver. Click ok to enter the submenu “Configuration”. Enter the desired pin (factory setting pin – 0000). Use the arrow keys “Up” or “Down” on the remote control go to the menu item “Organising and click” ok “. Click “OK” again to edit all the available channels. Click “OK” again to edit channels. Use the arrows Up or Down select channel on which there is a problem, and press the button on the remote control “OK” button to select a channel. When all problematic channels are selected, press the red button i to delete the selected channels. Removal is necessary to confirm the appropriate dialog box (by pressing the cursor left and click “OK”). After all problematic channels are removed, press the Exit three times to go to the Setup menu. Use the arrow keys “Up” or “Down” on the remote control go to the menu item “Manual Search” and click “OK”.


The creator of the personages of the Group of the Monica ' ' Maurcio de Sousa' ' a genius with the subject is same is entertainment! To have bred the drawings, histories in quadrinhos, the Games of the Group of the Monica had always been great ideas that had given certain, but to create up to one app them fans to be part of the Group of the Mnica find that a great one drawn for this year of 2012 was. Who one day of the children, young or adults did not dream more in being an livened up member of this turminha of the quadrinhos is not? now you can with applicatory ' ' I want to be of the Group of the Mnica' ' , that currently it occupies the second rank of the programs more preferred to use in iPhone. The applicatory one that it was launched recently is for those people who like games to dress with a mixture to create to avatar, therefore with these new Games of the Monica you will be able to take off a photo its and later using the program to create a personage who will go to be part of the group. To lower the program it is necessary to enter in the site of Apple and to look for Mauricio de Sousa or then for the applicatory one ' ' I want to be of the group of the Mnica' '. Later that to find the applicatory one is alone to lower for its cellular one and then to start the diversion. I will choose the item that more combine with you as the options of hair, mouth, eyes, height and then to finish I will choose the type of clothes and accessories that more combine with its personality. After to have bred its to avatar, arrived the hour to choose deep a well bacana one for the image and finally to use the social nets as: Facebook, Orkut and Twitter to share its personage of the Group of the Monica with its friends. The applicatory one is entirely gratis and functions in such a way for iPhone, iPad or iPod-Touch with languages for the Portuguese and English and the user must have a good access the Internet therefore can delay a little to lower the applicatory one, since the game has 36,8 MB. It is part of turminha more legal of Brazil and it does not leave to divulge this subject for its friends, after all of accounts is very difficult to find applicatory national so legal as this.

Internet Protocol

Internet if relates aosistema of global information, is logically on for an address nicobaseado in the Internet Protocol (IP), is capable to support communications being used (TCP/IP) or its subsequent extensions. The TCP/IP is the technology that omaior reached standardization degree and penetration that any another one. No computadorconectado to the Internet in the planet is not part of this set, the Internet, is umprivilgio of the modern life for the modern man. It is the biggest repository accessible deinformaes to any person who has access it of any part domundo. What it distinguishes the Internet from other ways of telecommunication is that elafaz use of a cited protocol already above, that reads the transmitted information and aenvia for the destination established for the user the block of countries emergentesBRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) can make with that the number of internautaschegue the 1,5 billion until year 2011, an absolute growth of 36% in relaoao 1.1 billion of people connected in 2006. The data are part of a estimativada company of JupiterResearch research, who also projects growth emregies with bigger density of users, as in Japan and U.S.A., but menossignificativo of what the presented one in another region. The search for dosbrasileiros information and entertainment more passes each time for the world-wide net of computers.

Segundodados divulged by the Ibope/NetRatings, the residential Internet brasileiracresceu 34.7% in the last year. The fact of territorial the semfronteiras Internet to be a tool allows that an user any, seated datelinha of its computer ahead, has access the sites as e-commerce or access Internet Banking, located in any place of the world. Currently internete the too much responsible to pormodificar all our social system, great technologies of information and communication are part of the fenomenal growth dInternet can be attributed to the pages web, a known structure as WWW (World Wide Web).