Individuals’ Development

Infantile literature if has shown to great allied in the process of development of the individuals in growth, bringing in its context moral, danger situations, that is, what it is certain what is missed, obedience and disobedience, subjects as death, separation of parents and many others. As well as the wonderful world of the fancies, small castles, princes, witches, homenzinhos. In other decades the call did not exist literature for children, and yes estrias of facts of the daily one. These estrias were transmitted by adults called ‘ ‘ accountants of estrias’ ‘. To hear histories is a so pleasant event that it awakes the interest of the people in all the ages. If adult we adore to hear such histories, the child we are capable of if interesting and liking if interesting and liking still more for them, since its capacity to imagine we are more intense. Infantile histories are gifts in the day the day and according to some current opinions, they offer innumerable contributions to the children in development these still assist the formation of the personality and in the organization of the thought, offering stimulatons for the imagination of the child. In the emotional field histories can help the children to elaborate and to win difficulties psychological sufficient complex, therefore they offer possibilities of if constructing a bridge between unconscious and the reality, since in each history same a symbolic language that if communicates directly with the unconscious one and that the child does not express its understanding concerning the message contained in history, this does not mean that this was not assimilated. To the step that offers to one palco in which the child can project the most diverse personages, the stories of fairies are a way so that the child tries in symbolic way the ways to act in relation to the other and also to understand the reactions unchained for its acts.