Central University

The Chilean empanadas made of wheat flour, stuffed with ground beef or diced, seasoned with cumin, black olives, raisins and egg, called “empanadas de pino.” In the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, some 30 years ago, stood a cart of some Chileans who sold these tasty empanadas de pino. Every time I would see basketball games in college, was fixed before I try a pie with a drink now I remember. Easter are popular in those made with seafood, accompanied by white wine. There are also stuffed with vegetables, especially spinach, “Neapolitan” – cheese, ham, tomato sauce and oregano -; of fish such as salmon or mackerel – usually both made the same way that meat -. and puye, of seaweed – seaweed – and chicken is the specialty of the area of Santa Ana, Talagante. Chile pie has multiple variants, and is recognized as a food emblematic of the country, being considered, along with the s opaipillas the Valdivian curanto the pan and suck marine shellfish, such as dishes in their cuisine. The Bolivian empanadas from Salta Province, which features, whose mass has a slightly sweet flavor with a filling – jigote – beef stew or chicken, potato and broth. They are painted a soft red-orange pigment, which gives it a very special color.

Made with a thin layer of Round dough stuffed with meat stews, chicken, seafood, seasoned with onion, egg, olives, capers, raisins, grapes, potatoes, peas, cheese and spinach. Generally has a shape of a semicircle of no more than 20 cm. long, sealed at the edges with an elaborate “repulgo” – edge of the pie -. Other varieties include Tucumanas which differs from the Argentina of the same name that are fried, the layers puka pie also called red, typical of the city of Cochanbamba prepared baked with cheese, onion, olives, cheese and cheese for that api sometimes take a little onion and prepared baked or fried. The cheese is prepared, like the mass, with cornstarch and flour and rice are typical of the city of Santa Cruz with rice and pork – pork – in the filling. Then there are the tamales, of lacayote those of hojandre, the fried chicken and Chuquisaca. Researching for writing these articles, I was pleasantly surprised by the rich cuisine of the Bolivian empanadas, so the recipe for this week is the chicken patties jigote Bolivia, which are a most agreeable culinary discovery.