Ivan Maslyukov

Anyone who is interested can visit the site and find that the terminology of the players are 'natives' – harmless creatures in a sober, which is likely to provide substantial assistance in the orientation. More – more. Playing with her at first sight confusing rules becomes for the citizens in this 'breath of air' in a crazy rhythm of life in modern cities. Indeed, where else can you 'legally' climb through the ruins, run across rooftops, climb through the cellars and generally raise memories of the children's game Zarnitsa "and" cops and robbers? Of course, adjusted for age and contemporary reality. Encounter is recruiting newcomers rapidly: those who a week ago did not know about him nothing, become ardent fans of the new entertainment.

What is Encounter? ENCOUNTER – an international network of active urban games, currently brings together more than 85,000 participants from more than 150 cities in 22 countries. The idea of the game – which started it all – was born in 2001 year, the capital of Belarus, Minsk. Came up with its Ivan Maslyukov. An excerpt from the interview: "Yes, it was me who invented this game. How did this happen? Very simple.

I rode in the bus and I was struck by this idea. I opened the door for her, treated with tea. She liked me right away and I did not want to let her go, and she seemed not in a hurry. I will not say that our relationship from the very beginning evolved well: more than a year before we had decided on their first child.