Dangerous Periods

There are few days that we must take "a note" this year. It's 1-2 and June 15, July 1, 1925 November, and December 10. As you have probably guessed, these are the days of lunar and solar eclipses. That is the most dangerous and difficult days of the year. And although all solar eclipse this year will be private and not complete, yet their effect is strong enough, because poddderzhan total planetary atmosphere in general. At this time in the area of eclipses fall in Europe, Russia, China and India, behalf of the residents of those countries most will feel the impact of these eclipses. Two eclipses June will be linked to personal problems. For many, the most urgent question arises relocation, relocation, emigration, some very important changes.

There may be quarrels, sidings, razrazhitelnost, vicious, intransigence, unwillingness to find common ground and compromise. There may be problems with children, the elucidation of relationships and in the end – discord. The most interesting eclipse this year will occur on July 1. This is the time of disclosure of secrets, gaining clarity and revealing the truth in personal relationships. A husband can learn about the treason of his wife, and his wife – about her husband's income secret, hidden and secret come out and reveal its existence. At the same time it may be time loss of material things and lost in terms of feelings and emotions. Partial solar eclipse of 25 November will be the most dangerous and can be associated with physical danger.