Enthusiastic Seniors

Events enrich the lives of the inhabitants of WADERSLOH in the Wadersloher retirement home. In the Seniorenheim St Josef, one wants to offer more than a caring support care seniors and people with dementia. Not home, home should be the home for the residents. One insists, that quality of life is preserved. Events contribute again and again, like now, the small house concert on Sunday afternoon. Two young talented musicians brought music with piano and violin to the St.

Josef and touched the audience with her virtuoso playing. In the large community room of the institution, the residents of St. Josef experienced a cozy concert with the two South Korean artists E. Hyun hut man (piano) and A. reum Kim (violin). We want to offer here the people something in St.

Joseph, that touched her soul. We deliver daily part of our caring support but also with actions, like our small house concert\”, said Andreas Waldron facility head. It is just wonderful that we were here so nice Can listening to music\”, said a resident excited. The audience was carried on a musical journey across Europe and entered the enjoyment of pieces such as Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5 and Gounod’s Ave Maria. You can feel how well people in St. Joseph feel. We want to preserve the joy of life and facilitate the ageing. This is our vocation and we do it with passion,\”stressed the nursing Director Astrid Thiele-Jerome. In our six living groups, we encourage active life and in particular the independence of our residents. St. Josef is a real home for the people who live here\”, added Astrid Thiele-Jerome. As a reference of the Sisters of Saint Maria Magdalena Postel (SMMP) and the Catholic parish St. Josef, Wadersloh Christian celebrations, such as the upcoming Easter, an important role in St. Josef play in addition to cultural events.