Eiffel Tower

We must perceive it and value it. ' ' Today, tourism is a cultural experience that it seduces for the diversity, main landmark of the tourist product, and that it generates the displacement of turistas' ' , Bayard and Maurcio (2002, p.107). In accordance with Montejano (2001, p.25), cultural tourism is ' ' set of activities that if develop with the purpose to facilitate for the visiting tourist/some knowledge and to extend its culture, from a perspective of free time and of the civilization of lazer' '. In this manner, it is possible to notice the great importance of the culture, mainly in the tourist aspect and also in the social aspect, therefore the culture offers an essential paper in the society. Perez (2005, p.2) affirms that ' ' the cultural patrimony contributes with the formatting of tourist destinations with proper identity, endowing them with character differentiated in compliance with the singular objectives and authenticity searched for demanda' '.

For the tourism, the cultural preservation is very important, therefore the tourist activity is used of the value of the different cultural aspects observed in diverse places, being necessary one politics of preservation of the cultural patrimony. The museums, for if dealing with spaces that propitiate leisure and culture as form of entertainment knowledge to its visitors, is necessary that it has the preservation of the cultural goods and this can benefit the economic exploration of the tourist activity and the cultural patrimony through the culture tourism. Attempting against for the growth of the tourist activity, many museums had started to invest in the qualification and professionalization, as well as in the planning to stimulate the increase of the flow of visitors. Aburdene and Naisbitt (2000, p.56), affirm that: ' ' The public of today is eager for quality, and the museum can provide it. The visited monument more in the world is not, nor the Eiffel Tower, nor the Taj Mahal, but the Center Geoges Pompidou, with eight million visitors per year.