Active Minds

Mantain your active mind. It turns the reading into a habit, learns a language, it realises mind games, it studies and ten your active body realising exercise; this last one is the best way to release endorfinas. It protects your neck. She is one of the parts of the body most prone to demonstrate the age. The most crucial treatment is the daily prevention with protector SPF 30.

Also, he is key to take care of it with the application of creams antioxidants protect that it of the environment and that cause the appearance of wrinkles. It enjoys the free air. To be locked up is not most advisable abrir your mind and to have positive thoughts. If for a day of sun, aprovchalo, salt to simply walk or to comerte an ice cream. You will see the comforting thing that one feels (reflections of hope). Give me one hour extra. It organizes or your schedules so that you can sleep or. The good rest prevents the ring under the eye or the opaque skin, as well as increase in the weight and debilitates to the defenses. You can do how it? Earlier Durmete, than your quarter is completely in the dark. It even considers the option to take a hot bath before going to dormirte, this has an ideal relajante effect to go to sleep. 9. It realises a trip. It discovers a place that it invites to you to live new and fresh experiences. Nothing else liberating that this activity that stimulates your mind and fills to you of satisfaction. 10. Dale volume to your hair. As the time flows out, as much the skin as the hair becomes more thin. For that reason, it uses shampoo special to give volume him, soon aplcate mousse in the root and psate the dryer.