Izmailovo Park

These tulips unusually large buds are different – the size of a woman's hand – and have a dazzling red. Returned to Moscow on the eve of Victory Day and the first nightingales, wintering in warm areas. Now, Muscovites and visitors to the city can enjoy their beautiful singing. In the Izmailovo Park has three tenors sing in Bitsevsky – two and a Tsaritsinskom and Biruliovsky arboretum mating songs performed by his fiancee four singers. In the coming days capital to land and the main landing Savi. Favorite concert venues in the capital of European breeding nightingales – coast streams, ponds and shrubs, especially cherry. The entire team thanks our ECOportal.ru expensive veterans for a win and we bow our heads before all those who did not live up to the Victory Day.

The consequences of the devastating cyclone 'Nargis' disastrous for Myanmar's already on the first data 15 000 people died in the tropical Cyclone 'Nargis', which struck Myanmar on the night of 2 to 3 May. Cyclone, which flattened houses, snapped power lines, uprooted trees, knocked them to the main road, and destroyed the system of water, struck Myanmar the day before the referendum on constitutional changes. Every day the number of casualties and missing in Myanmar continues to rise. May 7 is already Burmese national radio announced that 22 thousand dead and 41 thousand missing persons in result of past over the country a tropical cyclone 'Nargis'. Five areas of Myanmar, whose population is about 24 million people, declared natural disaster zones.