Food Art Shapes

Canapes and medallions are small appetizers, which provide the main dish before serving in order to induce appetite. Therefore, kapape and medallions have exquisitely decorated, in order to make it look appetizing and beautiful. For In order to beautifully decorate, to do the right mix of colors and shapes. Canape is a small sandwiches, which can be different shapes: round, oval, square, as well as any other form. Kapape made from bread, What should fry. Canape perpetuate skewers. The parties canape may also have different shapes.

They can be straight or wavy. As a side dish can be eaten cooked meats and cheese, vegetables and fish. Canape You can cook with rolls of ham, a fish paste, with anchovies, with canned fish. Medallions also apply to small snacks. They can also be given before the main dish or dishes to be decoration with a large composition. Their basis are round or oval slice of meat, sausages, cheese or vegetables. And as a side dish can be used by any of the products. Medallions may be pork, beef, with meatballs, bacon. As correctly and exquisitely prepared canapes and medallions can be found in recipes.