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Stop us foothold in our capabilities, what we know, or we can make and put our hope in him, in God, abandoning us in his hands under the conviction that he has control of the times and circumstances. A writer of antiquity left reflected the importance of the step of security in God when he wrote: with my lips and my tongue called him and lauded him (Psalm 66: 17, Popular Version) pray is not another thing that speak to God. Tell him with our lips what we feel, what we think and, of course, what we need. Believing that he has sufficient and necessary to help us power. Discard all shadow of doubt had awareness of what was the function and importance of firefighters, the day that a short circuit fire my house.

I called them on the phone and in fifteen minutes they were attending the emergency, said Maria del carmen to explain me about timely aid that it received at the time of calamity. Same is true with many people. Only come to God in the moment in which cross through deserts or are immersed in problems. You are looking for when they are in a dead-end. Ignore the rest of the time in their existence or doubt, simply, that you can help them. The psalmist understood and applied the importance of disposing of any shadow of doubt in his heart: if I had bad thoughts, I would have not listened to the Lord.(Psalm 66.17, Popular Version) Check what is inside you, in your way of thinking and acting. It overwhelms him uncertainty? Do you think that your problem is much larger than the power of God? Doubt does not honor nor glorifies God. Dispose of it in your heart.

God attends our prayers have faith in miracles is based on having the firm conviction that God hears and answers our prayers. The best explanation is found in the expression of the sacred author: but he listened and responded to my prayers! blessed be God who not rejected my prayer or denied me his love!Psalm 67: 19, 20 (Popular Version) When we have the firm conviction that God hears us and served with power to claim him, us prostrating in his presence when we face any need or requirement for a miracle, and as young people of today are saying, we know that we are going to fix. There will be response. As it has just it learned in the Scriptures, God loves us and, as such, wishes the best for us. If we do not receive the more things, it is because we are not asking it. Our patterns of thought should be changed. We have believed in a God of miracles, and going to his throne of grace and mercy convinced that his power has no limits. Today is the day to begin to cry for what you need!