Manchester United

Football is the sport with more fans around the world, since that several clubs and national teams make this sport great vibrant content and the arrival of a gol awake to maximize the joy of viewers of this great sport, both so gorgeous and grandiose stadiums in the world that can accommodate thousands of soccer fanseach time that football matches are given, they are filled to the maximum number of fans seeking to encourage their teams and enjoy pleasant moments watching the different moves and actions that occur in the game, so hince them you can spend pleasant moments, also give a great moral support to their computers to enjoy at the end of the season of the own titles of the different tournaments that play football teams. As you can see the football is a great passion, which gives environment this sport teams, which each season give the best Yes in order to meet the expectations of its fans. So football teams play a very important role in the development of the sport, therefore is suitable to highlight one of the best football teams that are in the world, which throughout history has shown good football accompanied by many titles that allow catalogued as one of the greatest in the world and this team so glorious is the Manchester United, with its history of both national as international ranks among the best in the world of football. Manchester United as its name indicates it is originally from the city that bears his name, throughout its history has been placed as one of the greats of English soccer, which has also allowed to obtain worldwide recognition, so much so it counts approximately with more than 330 million followers around the worldwhich means a 5% of the world population. Other data that demonstrates the importance that has this great club of England, is that in the past 50 years has maintained the highest level of assistance to parties that contested Manchester United compared with other clubs in England. Manchester United, among his various achievements, he has had the joy of winning 17 times the League premier, on 11 occasions the FA has also won cup, the League Cup and the Champions League, has won them 3 times also won the re-copa of Europe on one occasion. This team is recognized in various parts of the world as the Red Devils, this by the color of their uniform which is red, on the occasions that plays, when he plays as a visitor makes use of a uniform shirt color white or black color also, at present the team is dressed by the international sports brand Nike and also receives sponsorship from the AIG insurance company.