Cosy Concerts

The duo Carolin No, consisting of from the singer open Caro Obieglo and the pianist Andreas Obieglo, on Friday night with a concert in Berlin-Kreuzberg the festival room cosy concerts. Winners of the junior award for young poets of song are Carolin No”2010, awarded by the Hanns-Seidel Foundation in the traditional format of Bavarian broadcasting”Songs on a summer evening”. Since the debut in 2007 they have with her impressive mix of singer/songwriter elements and borrowed from classical music, coined an own timbre and expression of pop and jazz and is captured as a growing fan base. The head of the Festival, the culture Manager Lorenz Pollmann and the singer Viola Maitri Bornmann, look forward to the concert: featuring Carolin No we have won a successful newcomer duo for cosy concerts. Carolin No. has already convinced immediately not only us and a large fan base in South Germany: already the first announcement came here very positive response indicating that a concert in Berlin overdue is.” Cosy concerts is a music room Festival, which takes place from March 4-6 in various living rooms in Berlin for the first time. The Festival is supported by the communication agency Navarra, Europa Universitat Viadrina, the neighbourhood beer quartermaster and the art print Publisher white bridge. Information and contact cosy concerts Carolin No. songs on a summer evening, 2010 part 4 of 6