George Clooney

The colored person of George Clooney is perfect. Olivia Wilde, the doctor Thirteen of House and protagonist of the new Cowboys and aliens, cannot shine chillier in that tnica dress to its return to Los Angeles after a weekend of rest. Vacations made in Hollywood? Perhaps no. ” I do not know what is that word. Like any actor I spend as much time to me in the hope of the next work that my wife is satisfied whereupon a day does not have to me in casa” , Jason Bateman jokes. As good star, exaggerates. Work it does not need, releasing this summer two uncomfortable comedies (How to end your head and The change-up). But in which it does not lie it is in the vacacional subject: in spite of the suggestive photos of the famous ones in beaches, Hollywood does not rest. Clooney happened through Cancn to promote its next opening, idus of March. As he joked in serious days ago the commentator Peter Bart, to the front of the Variety magazine: ” Hollywood works his vacaciones”.