Choose People

It all depends on what the people who need these nails … If you build your nails for the first time, and before that all my life playing the piano, and cut nails "on the net," that definitely need to make short nails. I'm sure that you will enjoy the diverse design of nails. Young mothers may be neat nails, not injuring the baby. Even the doctor – a gynecologist has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of his hands, changing pictures on the nails at each correction. If you are an office worker, programmer, clerk, or a simple teacher at school, it is best to do the nails of medium length.

Rather short simulated classic jacket – this is what you need. And do not have to think about changing their clothes every day … For the French nail harmonizes with any style of clothing, activity and lifestyle. If you're about to get married, you love your wedding jacket. Entertaining events (eg birthdays, trips to the theater, parties) will suit unusual fingernails. Long, sharp, with an aquarium, interior design, with extraordinary paintings. These nails are often people order not because they occupy longer and cost more than regular nails.

But you get so much more compliments of surprised and concerned looks. There is another category of people who call themselves models. They, of course, details please something completely great, something extraordinarily new and interesting. Even if not quite practical … Maybe – for photo session in a fashion magazine, or for your portfolio, or maybe just to numb the others in a new fashion show … These work is always difficult to implement, require original, creative approach, but the end result is simply amazing. Try to find a nail design and its masters!