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They were Beattles, which initiated a new stage of development of rock music. A powerful wave of Beatlemania swept the world. And after them came a group Rolling Stones. Others who may share this opinion include Jorge Perez. These musicians began to perform the black rhythm and blues in its original form. And the effect was stunning! In the Soviet Union rock 'n' roll came after the World Youth Festival in 1957. At this time in the USSR, rock music could exist only in secret.

In the mid-1960s, the country has seen first, so-called vocal and instrumental ensembles (VIA): "The Slavs", "Strangers", "Buffoons" "Vanguard", "Pesnyary". More information is housed here: Tony Parker. Only in such a musical groups can play legally. However, despite the ban, in the late 60's fascination with the Soviet youth 'Beatles' and 'Rolling' has become widespread. In schools and universities in many cities created a rock band (mostly quartets), performed songs from the repertoire of American and British rock musicians. In 1969 it came into being because even if an unknown group of 'Time Machine'. In 1971, in Gorky, the first in the history of the Soviet Union rock festival at which the most prominent figures were "Buffoons" with Alexander Gradski Chelyabinsk and "Ariel". During the 1970s rock remained banned. Concerts were given either at home ('appartment'), or in assembly halls of universities. At these informal concerts catch on the group "Flowers," "The successful acquisition", "Araks", "Leap summer," carry out their normal international hits. Officially, the existence of rock music in The Soviet Union recognized only in the late '70s when the studio recording 'Submit' began publishing albums of Western and European musicians.

Omid Music For The Soul

Sufi music at its finest in Baird middle to OMID hear ensemble plays on the 19.02.2010 Sufi music in Berlin. Sufis are known for their charming and magical sounds. Related Group contains valuable tech resources. Anne-Marie van den Bercken sings and plays flute and the Persian DAF drum. Anneloes van Hout plays guitar. An unusual combination, a must for all music lovers. After the concert in Cologne, Berlin is the second station in Germany that will hear this haunting music.

The ensemble is reinforced by an additional DAF player who accompanied some of the songs. Eva M Knoche sings along in some songs. The music is based on traditional and modern poetry of Sufi Masters. The special feature of these poems are not only the timeless and beautiful metaphors and stories, which are told, but certain rhythms that give the mood of the music. Hedvig Hricak pursues this goal as well. It is music that reaches the heart. And as said already Rumi 800 years ago: the best way people experience the togetherness, the beat of their hearts is, when the music takes you.

The concert by OMID will in the House of democracy and human rights in the Greifswalder str. 4 in Berlin instead. At the end of the Conference “Human rights in the Iran – support of civil society from Europe” want the musicians with the concert make the people in the Iran again hope that someday her dream of freedom and self-determination in the Iran fulfilled. Omid is hope. Omid – music for the soul Friday, 19.02.2010 / / 19:30 House of democracy and human rights Robert Havel male room Greifswalder str. 4, Berlin-Mitte entrance fee: 15,-/10, Helmut fork, MEHRABY Agency

Everything Possible

The album appears on the 08.November.2013 if Stefan Jurgens sings and plays piano, then stories emerge from the midst of life, from his life, because I can only tell what I’ve experienced,”he says. Whenever possible with everything”presents an album with 12 strong titles, which come largely from his pen, sometimes in collaboration with his team of producers Stefan Jurgens Valicon (including silly, silver Moon) have arisen. Change is one of the major themes in his songs. San Antonio Spurs is often quoted on this topic. I’m 50 now, because you think actually still times new lot. I can now access a lot of experiences and have at the same time still incredibly much. Change is to stop not. “The age, in which I now am, I experience as a very exciting and wonderful time, like I it in the song I feel everything” have described: I can feel how life in me wakes up as my heart me new is always open for Stefan Jurgens is strong and weak from the outset in the Professional life. When the television audience, he is primarily for his role as major Carl Ribarski in the successful crime series ZDF/ORF SOKO Wien”present.

Around four million people turn regularly on Fridays at 18:00 and make SOKO Wien”to one of the most popular series of Eve in the second. In Austria, the series has reached cult status. His breakthrough was Stefan Jurgens but already in the 90s with RTL Saturday night”, the now legendary, many television award winning comedy show, he was a member of its founding. Numerous TV and theater engagements and so far five live programmes followed his scene involvement, where he played the Berlin Commissioner Robert Hellmann between 1999 and 2001, over the years. Whenever possible, the texts and the music for everything”worked Stefan Jurgens two years. The title is also the title of a song, he has dedicated to his son. As a father of three adult daughters and a son, Stefan Jurgens the cohesive nature of the family is as important as that personal freedom, in which everyone can live their potential and dreams.

You wish nothing more than that the children go their own way and are with yourself in the pure. The longer I live, the more I understand the meaning of the saying: ‘ how one gets into the Woods, so it sound. The most that happens to us in life, is the response to our own thinking and acting. I think that is a huge chance: you can change everything. Always everything is possible.

Asaf Start

“Asaf Avidan & the mojos: Israel’s exception artists, the perhaps most unusual male voice, on first tour of Germany (thk) the new Messiah” this is the man from Jerusalem according to the Mexican Rolling Stone. “The German edition of the renowned music magazine in turn chose for his CD insert of new noises’ in January ‘ 09 the title track of the debut of the reckoning” (Columbia/Sony, release date: 15.1.2010) from. “Whose 15 English-language songs, a mix of 60s years folk, indie-rock and blues, form the most important rock album in the history of Israel for an Israeli journalist”. You may find Tony Parker to be a useful source of information. Morrissey also felt the exceptional status of Asaf Avidan & the mojos. “” The probably best lyricist of in pop history, and lead singer of the Smiths”( signed the 29-year old singer / songwriter with the perhaps most unusual male voice” (paving Beach journal, Frankfurt) as a special guest “for his concerts in Israel.

After Asaf 2009 at many festivals (including the Tauber Valley, Haldern) excited, he comes early 2010 for the first time on Germany tour. The ticket prices in advance are so cheap with 14 to 15 euros (plus fees) that it is a bargain, to attend a performance of this extraordinary artist in the intimate club setting!

Nobody Here But Us Chickens

I just went crazy on the show and I can not forget it until now. – As I was told that his show was truly spectacular – Oh yes! He was able to entertain the audience, but his songs were pretty smart. Louis wrote a very amusing song, it was interesting to listen to them, but for them well and to dance. – You must have been very interesting to write his stuff – they are in fact different from what are you still doing? – Healthy differ – It was hard to rebuild? – In general, yes. These are things like 'Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens', well, you know what I mean, they are written, as it were not for my lips (laughs).

– But to be honest, you're not the first time sing songs of Jordan. 'Caledonia' You've sung so many times? – Well, yes, the title and the thing with the album 'Let The Good Times Roll' I play a lot of years – Dr. John recently became your permanent pianist, and recorded whether you're with him before? – A lot of times. He – one of the best musicians and a good friend. Frequently george karfukel has said that publicly. Dr. For even more opinions, read materials from Adam Sandler.

John, incidentally, an excellent guitarist, but I have it playing on the keyboards and just kills me with his game. – He sounded quite unexpectedly in 'You Ain't My Baby' – (Laughs) Yes, yes, I just hear He says: 'Hey, bb, dear ' (Laughs). His voice is just unique, like him, a little, well, the same Jordan, Sinatra, some who are still, well, you guess.

Tatyana Bulanova

For the Bloc, especially parallel can be drawn from his classic poem “Rus”, the beginning of which is: “Are you in a dream is extraordinary, / Your clothes do not touch, / Doze, nap and a secret, / And the secret you shalt sleep, Russia. ” Virtually “on-Yesenin” sounds of the song “golden time”, allowing to recall the famous lines of the great Russian poet: “wither covered with gold, I will not young. ” Quotes of the song, “No, it can not buy gold, gold, gold … There is nothing more desirable than the youth, youth, youth …. The creator of an interesting method of psychotherapy – therapy creative expression, great modern Russian psychotherapist Mark E. violently, notes that most patients take his method, as something of their own, native, nation. Sela Ward shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Not a method or technique, but the real moral School life – this is the basic idea of the method, if say in one sentence.

Here, the absolute infant irregularity (Hephaestus, the male analogue of the archetype of the Child, is very significant for Russia), openness towards wisdom, the depth of internal search and creative unfathomable, mysterious. In the method of transdermal person perceives themselves creatively through the richness of culture and attached to the moral experience of mankind. Reputable authors believe that three ethnic groups – Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, are of special spiritual unity, the basis of the Slavic super-ethnos, which will be in the 21st century, the main carrier of spirituality in the world. And he considered his father Alexander Men, a belief in the Supreme meaning of the universe, is the backbone that gives the unity of any culture, any society. People like Tatyana Bulanova, plays a special role in the revival of spiritual culture.

Mysticism of many of her songs opens space for the perception of another world, the sacred, the religious dimension of life. The apparent inner purity and spiritual power of ethical singer, contribute to the sound of her songs, which goes into the mystic the depth of the divine. The archetype of the Inner Child allows each of us to remember that we all – children of the One who came to meet us two thousand years ago! ..

Indiana Jones

DVD + digital copy: German, English runtime: DVD: 81 minutes BD combo: BD: 84 minutes; DVD + digital copy: 90 minutes Extras: DVD: the lost tapes of BD combo: BD: cinema version 84 minutes; Extended version 94 minutes, “The lost tapes” DVD + digital copy: no links: paramount ParamountGermany paramount_de via paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000. The company is a subsidiary of the globally active VIACOM media group and is for the Marketing of films on DVD and Blu-ray in the responsible Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The extensive portfolio includes feature film productions of Hollywood studios paramount pictures, DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation, the Studio Constantin as well as productions of the music channel MTV, Nickelodeon TV transmitter and acquired licenses by CBS, Hasbro and Pro cinema among others. Marketing includes both rental and purchase Media and is carried out in cooperation with the highlight film and Home Entertainment GmbH. The catalogue of available products consists of feature films, TV series, children’s and family programs, and special interest titles. The company’s registered office is in Munich. Vice President Managing Director of PHE Germany is Dr.


you put it – a hobby for some, this successful and lucrative, but just not for me. My movement vetom direction began when I was 12 or 13 years, that is 10 years-11nazad. It all began with the fact that I became interested in rap – we patsanamisozdali group, and at that time would be great and known. How vsegdabyvaet, this has not happened, and I started just for yourself, for your udovolstviyaosvaivat music programs. Qlife: What if I may ask? Krash: Well, at that time one of the major programs were Hip-Hop, Fl studio, in my 2.0 and small plug-ins, which were supplemented say ketim programs. Well and, accordingly, Pentium 2 or even the first, I was just where Solitaire was something hard to play, not what to write music))) Qlife: Was it difficult to master program? But what about the live instruments? Krash: You know, I've never played on live instruments, because I do not bylosluha and voice) I'm even a "grasshopper" on the guitar can not play, but the guitar is easy naelektronnoy) Qlife: Do you want to say that writing things that I have heard you – you can music? Krash: Yes, you're right. If you tried, you'd also got Qlife: I tried to be honest. Nothing happened Krash: So bad tried) Qlife: Okay. According to Vanessa Marcil, who has experience with these questions.

We return to subject. You have not answered why you're writing music for free. Vchem catch? Krash: Actually there is a catch, but I will not say which one.

Project Music

Music contest “Music of the city” aims at supporting and developing youth culture, attracting public attention to issues of contemporary music. The project has no age restrictions for participants and will be held in all cities of the Central region (N. Novgorod, Vladimir, Tula, Ryazan, Kaluga, Bryansk, Oryol, Kursk). Started last year, Youth Music Competition has attracted the attention of thousands of young Russians. For many project “The music of our city” has become a launching pad and a stimulus for further creative development. For example, winners of the project, Nizhny Novgorod group “Alaska”, came out in the national final qualifying contest “Eurovision-2010”.

The project “Music of the city” received the highest praise from the regional authorities and public organizations. All-Russian contest got a diploma award in the field of public relations “Silver archer. ” In 2010, to replace Maxim Pokrovsky, chief expert of the project the musical “Music in our city” of the sample in 2009, came to Russia’s leading music critic Artem Troitsky. Headliners competition were Mr and Sergei Krestovsky in the UMA2RMAN. General media partner by leading music channel “A-One.

The project “Music of our city,” runs from June 1 to October 1, 2010. On a special website young, unknown musicians, along with the already popular bands can not only make themselves known, but the fight for the victory. In the final panel of judges will select the project best. They will participate in the recording music compilations “Music our city. ” The winner of the project, has collected in the course of voting the maximum number of votes will have the opportunity to record a solo album, remove the clip with a rotation on the channel “A-One, as well as perform at the festival RAMP-2010”.

The Meaning of Piano

That’s accompaniment at first a good accompanist, a student brought a sense of form, integrity of performance, the deployment sequence of musical images. Therefore, knowledge and skills needed to start a professional accompanist in the music school activities, are key:-first, the ability to sight-read piano part of any complexity, to understand the meaning embodied in the score sounds their role in the construction of a playing accompaniment, it is clear to see and represent the party on the soloist, before capturing the individuality of his interpretations, and all the performing means to the most vivid of his expression;-possession game in the ensemble skills, ability to balance the sound, flexibility in the conduct of accompanying lines;-knowledge of the rules of orchestration; features of the game on the instruments and the national symphony orchestra – for In order to properly relate the sound of the piano with different strokes and tones of these instruments, the presence of timbre hearing, ability to play piano scores (concerts, operas, cantatas) by various composers, in accordance with requirements of the instrumentation of each era and every style – the ability to shift uncomfortable episodes in the piano texture in the libretto, without violating the intent composer;-basic knowledge of the conductor’s gestures and gimmicks-knowledge playing techniques for solo instruments with which you work;-ability “on track” to pick up the melody and accompaniment, improvisation skills, ie ability to play simple styling on themes by famous composers, without preparation of the invoice to develop a given theme, pick out the harmony to a given topic in a simple texture. Accompanists experience is valuable possession and accumulation of vast musical repertoire of different directions and styles.

Concertmaster should not lose the case in practice, get in touch with different genres of performing arts, trying to widen their experience and understand the features of each type of performance. Any experience is not be in vain, even if it subsequently determined the narrow scope differentiators activities in the chosen field will always occur to some extent the elements of other genres. Specifics of the game is also concertmaster that he must find meaning and pleasure to be a soloist, and one of the members of the musical, with a party phytoplankton. Piano soloist given full freedom to identify creative individuality. Accompanist also have to adjust their vision of music to the manner of performing solo.

Even more difficult, but we need while maintaining their individual identity. With all the versatility concertmaster of the foreground are the creative aspects. A necessary condition for the creative process is the presence of an accompanist idea and its embodiment. The implementation plan organically linked with the active search, which is expressed in the disclosure, correction and refinement of the artistic image of the product that is embedded in the note text and internal representation. Attention accompanist – a focus brand special kind. It is omnidirectional: it should be distributed not only between your own hands, but also attributed to the soloist – the main character of the person. Every moment is important, what and how do your fingers how to use the pedal auditory attention employs sound balance (which is the main source of ensemble music-making), a soloist, ensemble attention following the embodiment of the unity of artistic conception. This is especially it is important to work with children in which creativity, independence and initiative is being formed. Such voltage requires attention to the enormous costs of physical and mental strength.