Sex Pistols

Later in the 'leather jackets' dressed musicians of Kiss and the first punk Ramones (not behind the American and British colleagues, Sex Pistols), they picked up the baton of the genre prestaviteli Heavy-metal – Metallica, Antrax, Megadeath, Accept. Finally, the leather jackets were fixed in zhanrahGrange (Soundgarden, In Chains) and New wave (Depeche Mode), later in leather jackets have noticed even the musicians of the genre Gothic. It was a complete victory for 'leather jackets' in the music scene. Now Jacket 'leather jackets' in the popular Crook neformalov (rockers, bikers, metal, punk) – at any rock concert the crowd is full of an abundance of leather jackets. But different subcultures see 'leather jackets' in its own way. For example, the punks – love to be in leather jackets were as much as possible all, not excluding the bright patches, badges, pictures, and, for example, metal often riddled with metal studs jacket edges, but rather carefully refer to the clothing. At a time when society is not as strong hooligan motives first rockers 'leather jackets' and are 'ordinary people' who want to dress stylish and look beautiful. Today you can find 'leather jackets' all kinds of cut: Neutral leather jackets (for the representative of people), close to the old military versions, or more adapted to ride a bike, women's, men and even children's' leather jackets.

" The purchaser is granted a wide selection of small parts – a variety of laces, belts, leather fringe, kind of pocket, the shape of castles, and Lightning. Color 'leather jackets' – certainly the most popular is black, but easy to find 'leather jackets' any color – from green to brown or even multicolored. Modern 'leather jackets' retained its basic qualities: durability, comfort, warmth and lots of handy pockets. This is ideal for cold nights away from home. C 'leather jackets' are perfectly combined, and other attributes of the biker (bandana, leather pants), as well as acceptable ordinary jeans or camouflage. From shoes to 'leather jackets' perfect 'ankle boots' or 'Cossacks', under 'Leather jackets' can be freely put on a T-shirt (not afraid to freeze) or hoodie (sweater, hoodie).

Now leather jackets – is not just a leather jacket, a special style of life, which is home to the eternal spirit of power and freedom. 'Leather jackets' – the choice of millions people who prefer to live not in the format that can not tolerate the commonplace and the 'outside'. And even those who by nature timid life is different, the 'leather jackets' will feel more confident, knowing that it is symbolic thing like a small banner. Perhaps no other clothes do not have such a cult, as this 'simple leather jacket' American pilots since the 50s.