Organization Power

Not what beautiful costs a lot, but it is very difficult what is beautiful. INTRODUCTION in the case of companies, we have many heads and little leaders, aspect that can be transformed, if really want those heads become leaders, more, when within the formal structure, we were not surprised, which informally in working groups, informal leaders that have surfaced and that play a decisive role in the behavior of the group are givento the end that his influence can represent both positive and negative aspects many times, affect beyond the formal leadership, causing situations generated in conflicts, altering significantly the productivity, organizational climate of the company. How to get those informal leaders, how influence them so that his role is significant in the operability and the company’s achievements. How also do that heads develop their abilities, skills, awakening his leadership, causing the dips and turn them into real formal leaders transformers. This is precisely the interest of this article, delve into the importance that heads will become leaders. General information and considerations basic around the subject gives us a written school Mental education, pointing us, everyone should know that there is a big difference between boss and leader. There is a big difference between power, authority and leadership. The leadership of people in a group does not have to do with the hierarchical position that these people can have within the group, we can be the head of a group, and not to be their leader, and, conversely, can be the leader of the group, without being the Chief.With the power and authority we Master wills on the basis of the power delegated by the Organization, with the leadership, which is not delegated but natural, we have power and use it to positively influence people, is as an authority delegated to it by the same group. The leader inspires confidence and gives power to its people, excites them and that strengthens the group.If fear to your superior, clearly it is your boss.