General Organization

Insights into services, new image film and new project for founders of new businesses under the motto “Modern marketing and advertising services for business start-ups, companies and clubs” presented itself the marketing and advertising agency Markeloop from Mars Hill on the this year’s Festival with a booth. “We want in our portfolio give companies and associations of insight and closer introduce the 4 core areas of our agency.” so Daniel Hofmann, owner and marketing manager of the advertising agency for the space-Mars Hill and Paderborn. The focus was doing the questions “How can I increase the awareness of my company?”, “How can I win new customers?”, “How can I take care of existing customers?” and “How can I build a long-term image in the market and claim my competitive position?” The advertising agency under presents some impressions… At the town festival the final version of the new image film of the advertising agency was presented also Markeloop, now also in the revised version in the News blog… can be seen.

The advertising agency for the space-Mars Hill and Paderborn also presented from mid-September a new information portal specifically for entrepreneurs. “We want to allow start-ups to a comprehensive service and good advice and offer everything that it is to consider in the establishment phase on our new website and know should.” so Hofmann next. This provided information on the subjects of marketing and advertising services, insurance, business plan creation, General Organization, tax and financial planning. Markeloop owner: Daniel Hofmann at the hop farm 3 34431 Marshall mountain Tel. 02992.609096 email: Web: