This information made me him up to a Degree likeable, because I have always great respect and much sympathy for freedom fighters. That Wagner all people had used the substance known to me, from my Sagenbuch Wieland legend to transport his revolutionary ideas, how his distaste for tyrants and oppression to express, surprised me, especially as the Wieland of legend for me had been a right tear-jerker. In any case, not a hero, with which I could necessarily identify me or wanted as a child. In the essay, after all the name similar play was being Wagner’s unfinished revolution epic Karl vollmoeller called “Wieland” compared to, I was inside already committed. Media criticism or rebuke, especially since, if it is justified, is my thing. In this respect somewhat krude coming therefore text full MacLeod the Tunnat original quotes in selection, more and more onlookers pulled me.

Because at least I realized like two writing editors, one a composer, the other a lyrically strong playwright, is a universally seize known substance and reshape it in their respective meaning, use, use, shape it and thus make their message almost to the man, or among the people. Tunnat the “Parcival” full MacLeod faces still “Parsifal” Wagner’s within his essayistic comparison. This also in a pleasant, rather loose way that it me erleicherte me through another issue not necessarily interesting for me to read. I acknowledge that the author succeeded, a fact which me, frankly little interested, so vivid and well described to present, that I felt the time that was needed to read me through the chapter, not as wasted time. For Kudos to this place! More start I could by Wagner and full Moeller with biographical information about the residences, especially since I like to and much travel, and know the described places from personal observations. The following chapter, as the about the “miracle” or even the cult film “The Blue Angel” entertained me very good during the reading. Little by little I started to be able to follow the thought processes of Tunnats and could see what the “gesamtkunstwerk lived full Moeller” is set. That besides the author, succeeded to dismantle my dislike to Wagner across, if not, but to transform approaches of sympathy, total to expand my horizons about Wagner, the concept of the “gesamtkunstwerk” in a pleasant way, makes me to pronounce Frederik Tunnat my respect for his essay.

The reading is even for someone like me – a Wagner despiser – no wasted time on the contrary. Here, Tony Parker expresses very clear opinions on the subject. I can do not to appreciate whether or how much Wagner friends or connoisseurs can enjoy the reading. However, I can say without exaggeration that the book as a whole provides an enriching read full Moeller almost a must is for friends, and also helps the essay come now out of fashion again to new life. Conclusion: Readers, to whom the name Wagner or full MacLeod means something, be reading sure enjoy. The book is thoroughly researched, well, in some places almost loosely written, as already present biographical work Tunnats of. The author succeeds convincingly, to introduce the concept of the “gesamtkunstwerk”, as well as to present its different implementation in Wagner and full Moeller. A book, certainly not for everyone, this quite definitely something for literary interested and educated readers. Even people with Wagner allergy, like me, are wasting their time nor their money. Absolutely empfehlens in short: for the right reader circles – and worth a read. F. of Rosdorf

Poetical Analysis

Recurrent introduction problematic between terminolgicas questions and of literary nomenclatures perpassa remote times and remains in the universe contemporary. The current complaint that interests in them here more says respect to the constant shock with regard to the adjusted denomination to the type of literature manufactured in Amaznia and/or in the State of Par, since what is questioned it is the starting point to determine the nomenclature: if it must be left of the place or the universal one. Brahman Capital does not necessarily agree.

Theoreticians as Silvano Santiago (apud Fernandes, 2005: 180) affirm that it is necessary to find ‘ ‘ between-lugar’ ‘ of our speech, that is, to find the break-even point between universal and the place; in the words of Jose Guillermo Fernandes, ‘ ‘ … game fluente that it breaks of the colonizadora and etnocntrica universality for the truth of the universality universal’ ‘ (2005: 181). N? other terms, most adequate and proportional to meet the nomenclature most adequate of a local literature, it leaves without it excluded of most universal, are to search a term that displays the identity regional, but, simultaneously, it makes the correlation with the national one. Intending to contemplate such aspects, Pablo Nunes (apud Fernandes, 2005: 181) and Pantoja (2005: 182) had been disclosed how much to the related adjusted terminology more to the literary studies of the Amazonian workmanships..


Different proposals on this study evolve for ideological questionings. So that the women inside construct its space of the social one become necessary the respect its paper and in the specific case of literature a collective construction of this literary space must be had, where women write on women, is analyzed and chores for women to legitimize its space of performance. SCHWEICKART 1994 detaches that in virtue of the necessity to breach with the masculinizao process, the readings directed toward woman it must be motivated by the necessity of ' ' to connect-se' ' , to recoup or to reformulate the context, the tradition that writers ones bind to the others, to the readings, the critics and the great community of women. Feminine masculine and is conceived and defined for intermediary of practical masculinizantes or feminizantes, in accordance with the concepts constructed in the relation process (BLOND, 1997). Men and women start to be part of a social world that establishes parameters, that is, feminine masculine and had passed to be seen as parts of a evolutivo, continuous and active process of the social institutions. The place of the feminine one is constructed from the identity of the woman, who if establishes multifaceted, plural and elaborated in a consisting time and place, englobando a social reality. In this workmanship we perceive that even so all the eccentricity of the ngela, mother of the Malu, it obtains to deal well with the desconstruo of the paper of subjugation of the feminine one in the social environment, creating a reliable relation, auto-they esteem and of an independence space even so it respects the peculiarities pertaining to the feminine sex, being in the vanguard of the process of conquest of the space for the woman. I walk half jururu. Today more than yesterday, perhaps either the TPM. To make what? Fact is that although to be girl happy, loved, well decided, that already she knows that she goes to give vestibular contest for Journalism (90% of my friends do not have idea of what they want to make when to grow) and with a pretty family, have times I do not arrange a serious boyfriend (…) (…) explained me to Mother that yes, all is thus the life.

Fruit And Philosophy In A Book

The light Wolf, ‘Magazine despite philosophy’, deals with fruits this winter. The 44th Edition of the light Wolf has appeared before the Christmas holidays. This time the magazine despite philosophy”takes in essays, commentaries and small stories of the title theme fruit” on. Fruit seems to have first of all nothing to do with philosophy. But the contributions in the current winter issue of light Wolf quickly refute this assumption. The towers, which combine profundity and humor, entertainment, and thoughtfulness in normal fashion, look in the history of art, to discover lessons of life art in the tradition of still life. The history of political philosophy is told as an example of the coconut. Even the confusing of the words fear and fruit on the occasion of an essay is considered taken, even the Obsttheke symptom of alienation from nature.

Of course, the Apple plays an important role both as a symbol of entertainment technology especially as for knowledge and Sin fall not only in the work of Emil Ciorans. Also is in the current light Wolf and others about the parallels between Bertolt Brecht and Machiavelli, and the cabaret artist Karl Schnog, who receives a detailed portrait of the unjustly forgotten. To get reviews, aphorisms, the review of the Feuilleton themes of autumn and numerous illustrations that give its peculiar atmosphere the light Wolf. The light Wolf on the subject of fruit”is both as paperback edition in the DIN A4 format available as E-book. The electronic edition can be purchased for Amazon Kindle and in the open epub format for all other readers. The light Wolf are marketed by the Publisher and Hage (East Frisia) in the German-speaking. The book (ISBN 978-394 1921 351) is available through the book directly from the Publisher, or via the homepage of the light Wolf. To get there is the magazine despite philosophy”in the subscription.

Also magazine despite philosophy is called the light Wolf”and was founded in 2002 in Freiburg. The magazine is published as a booklet, as well as E-book quarterly with a specific theme. The light Wolf turns in the spirit of the Fin de siecle, with essays, portraits and debates on Science interested with a sense of humor: In the 2009 publishing the light Wolf (magazine despite philosophy”, ISSN 1614-8037) appear as well as the books of its authors. The North Sea-based Publisher also produces E-books. In the Edition NOR A”books for the old County routed North: contact: magazine light Wolf c/o Timothy Schneidegger South dirt Edward Road 6 26506 North, East Frisia phone: 04931 9300-976 fax: 04931 9300-967 E-Mail: Internet:


A dangerous and full game of barriers, where the end crosses the invisible line of the fear sleep that transfigura the rectangular square of the ambitious men who step on in flames of the morbita obesidade. A obesidade acquired in pastoso growth in sweat of the wage-earners, that drains the corpora in labaridos buses of the dawn bleed in flames of the sweat of a head deceased in concern of what it will go to happen in tomorrow. Neckties, tender and imported cars transcorredores of the annual increases that kill the dreams of that still it thinks about dreaming one day. Our luck is that we are escolhedores of our thieves to each election. We are accustomed with so little, that we do not stop to think about improvements. We are worried about the religion, the carnival, the soccer, the beach, shopping, the beer, the life of the neighbor and forget worrying in them about the life of our children who will be tomorrow of ours are well. We forget to be rational to adentrarmos to a world of irrationals.

Magazine Subscription

Magazines are always better informed you bring a little variety in the waiting room of the doctor’s offices. Colorful lettering and large photos are her trademarks. Share news and can entertain: the magazines. Most people like to read a magazine when it comes to wait somewhere as for example at the doctor. But at home you can unwind with a magazine. There are many magazines on the market everyone will find the right thing for themselves.

Whether for children or women for men or the generation 50 +: there are magazines for every target group. Whether you read Dear women’s magazines or cooking magazine – this is even left each. Unlike newspapers, magazines appear not daily. There are weekly newspapers and monthly magazines. Priced, magazines of course exceed the costs for such a newspaper. One buys a magazine on newsstands this is usually more expensive than if you have a Zeitschriftenabo. A Zeitschriftenabo is usually for to recommend, if the magazine is always bought those. Because with a magazines subscription saves the reader and pays for expenditure generally slightly less than in stores.

In addition, the customer receives usually his magazine before it has its release date in the trade. This ensures the relevance and it is one the first informed. The reader can miss so no output and the magazine is never out of print. As the owner of a magazine subscription, each issue mailed coming home. Also obtained upon completion of a magazines subscription often still giveaways or premiums. Will the customer some time settle with his decision, the possibility of a trial. Often there is this very inexpensively and without further obligations. To order a Zeitschriftenabo usually for 12 months and this will be extended, if it complies with the notice period for not. Manni friend

Shakespeare: Macbeth

There is moment, the audience feels that the witches were to stronger than and army of ten thousand men, because Macbeth believed them. When he is ready you die, he admits he was deceived by the witches. This fantastic story written by William Shakespeare, who wanted you the special write something will be the king, James I, and also will be noblemen, pleased many people, from very different social levels, and it was the real mirror of the situation of the monarchy. Considering the play, criticism is to proper, if one can to wonder that it is not to clear who Macduff is, until to near end of the play. Lady Macbeth can be equated with witch, but it is not mentioned that she is one. Evil The witches did not represent but they knew about it. Macbeth could be powerful General instead of an ' ' idiot' '. The witches did not have to power you make things happen, but scared people about it.

Witchcraft was used an instrument of to power. This article is now focusing comments about the text, ' ' Macbeth and witchcraft' ' by Peter Stallybrass. According you him, there ploughs critics who accepted the play is witchcraft, only the psychological a form of symbolism, you demonstrate the opposition of the two forces, represented by God and Devil. There is tendency you classify exoticism of witchcraft, without explaining the beginning of how such beliefs could to ever been held. The witches ploughs considered normal in relation with things they believe. There is in proof about all bad things they say about them, like, practicing sex with to their kids or eating them. They were also accused you spread all kinds of evils. They ploughs variety of society indeed, outcasts of the social life. The English village witch starts you think seriously about Cosmology, which is the science that studies the energies of the Universe.


Our Romantismo avenged later of what in the romance, but the matureness of our national conscience is carried through in sped up rhythm, in the shock of the shocks politicians and military although our behind literature. In meanwhile, what it hindered the immediate assimilation and the exploitation them dominant subjects it Romantismo, in synthesis, the factors that had conditioned the workmanship of the starters of the romance in Brazil, hindering it to raise it a minimum level capable to assure it to it survival. The European romantic romance was a species of personal confession, an explosion of the sensitivity of the individual in face of its new historical circumstance. In Brazil it was not given of this form, the writers of this time and literature order is fruits of factors more than cultural politics and in the ample direction, of what of factors literary and purely artistic. Therefore our Romantismo is plus an importation product. The definitive phase of the romantic romance is initiated in Brazil with Teixeira and Sousa, which presented characteristics that pointed out in different position of the novel of the precursors, that dominated in the workmanship the narrative of historical personages and of abstract or located action preferential it are of Brazil. The study of Teixeira and Souza it is of order historical the reasons that advise to study them enter the main figures of the romantic romance. It was after it, and thanks to its effort that the romance gained between us more definite position, taking other writers to carry through it in permanent and deliberated way.

Another author who was important in the definitive phase was Joaquin Manuel de Macedo. A pertaining romancista to the category of writer whose literary composition if worries little about the message of what with the receptive capacity of the reader. The theater, its bigger influence, was so accented that many historians and critics if had inclined to give to greater importance to the comedigrafo of what to the romancista.

Japanese and Brazilian

The form of haicai of Guillermo de Almeida conquest still today many practitioners in Brazil. But it was in the decade of 1930 that it happened Japanese and Brazilian the interchange and diffusion of haiku between haicastas, consisting, thus, another way of haikai in Brazil. It was in this decade also that appeared the oldest coletnea of haicais called Haicais simply, of Siqueira Jnior, published in 1933. Fanny Dupr Luiza was the first woman to publish a book of haicais, in February of 1949, intitled Petals to the Wind? Haicais. We can chronological summarize the routes of haikai in Brazil of the following form: In 1879, through the book Of France to Japan, of Francisco Antonio Almeida. In 1908, through the arrival of the Japanese immigrants to the port of Saints. In 1919, through the Trovas book Popular Brazilian of Afrnio Peixoto.

In 1926, through the culture and diffusion of haiku inside of the colony for Keiseki and Nenpuku. In the decade of 1930, through the interchange between haicastas Japanese and Brazilian, mainly for the proper H. Masuda Goga. With the ambientao and the diffusion of haiku in Portuguese language, some chains of opinion on this if had formed: The chain of the defenders of the content of haiku; The chain of that they attribute importance to the form; The chain of the admirers of the importance of kigo. The defenders of content of haiku is those that consider some peculiar characteristics of the poem, as the concision, the condensation, the intuition and the emotion, that are on to the zen-buddhism. Oldegar Vieira is one haicasta that it adhered to this chain. The ones that considers the form (teikei) most important follow the rule of the 17 poetical syllables (5-7-5). Guillermo de Almeida not only adhered to this chain as &#039 created a peculiar form to compose its poems called haikais; ' guilherminos' '.


Freud more published a deepened study of the term in its On the Narcissism: An Introduction (1914). Valley to register in this brief notation, critical of. the J. Da Silva Azevedo, in Humanitas, (1948): ' ' Shining spirit and trifler? we can call it a poet one hundred percent. Complete culture (it was not in go that it studied Rhetoric) became the poet of the fashion. It is possible to say that Rome lost one of them remotely improves poets of the time, man endowed with full wisdom, sensitivity cream, and great eloquence, expert of the essence human being. These are probably the causes that had culminated with its deportation and that the majority of the writings in the ones backwards tona the true cause of its exile, saying only that they had been the causes of its destination. We see also as Freud I – narcsico in Ovdio.

Therefore the studies of Philosophy in Atenas had granted one to it vastssima vision of the problems of the world. The scholars loved it. Its frivolidade more still popularized it. It dreamed to carry through work of breath, being had left unfinished two workmanships (Metamorfoses and Fastos) due to disaster of the exile. This critic the flame of poet of chose tragic.

In the truth, everything makes believing in them in tragedy, therefore, to exclude a man for vain causes of a social environment, can be said that something is unforgivable, committed for a man who with the power of its facts become it the Emperor, owner of the power and all the laws. Ovdio was born in an important supplied family of the classroom of the qites (gentlemen), in 20 of March of 43, the second half of century I B.C. in Sulmona, Abruzzos, Italy, in a valley in the Apeninos, the east of Rome, but that it will go to perpetuate of form indeleavel its name and its fame in the URBS, the italic peninsula and the world.