That Evil Brings La Censura

DOES THAT EVIL BRINGS CENSORSHIP? What is it that makes an important country? What about making a country’s population to be happy, live in peace? There are many answers to these questions. Many may say that it is the people, society, what makes a country prosperous. Others may say is the political and economic stability of a country that makes the population to live in peace. However, in my personal opinion point which makes a population be happy, or even in Mexico, is freedom of expression. In other words, the first 29 articles of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States; individual guarantees. More specifically articles 6 and 7.

It is precisely for the freedom of expression that we have such good painters, writers, actors, sculptors etc. Thanks to the freedom of expression so parents can see pictures or we can appreciate a good movie. However, there has always been a major conflict with the censorship of all art. But what about censorship in art? According to the Real Academia Espanola censorship means: opinion and judgment is made or given about a work or writing. However, are why many critics and society in general feels that the works should censor for being grotesque, racist, bloody, religious etc.?, if it is not a way to express that? If artists no longer them express themselves by capturing an image of a naked because that same person, assuming that it is Catholic, we don’t say to stop being Catholic.

Going back to what was said above, censor a work of art is an idiocy, is like trying to censor a religion; making art is a way of expressing themselves. Talking of this test with my dad brought me an important point that narrowly does change my opinion about censorship in art. As mentioned above, by law, we can express ourselves freely whatever we want.