Policy Citizens

We are in 2010, in full she was democratic, and still it is very common coming across in them with scenes that send in them to the sad time of the Military dictatorship and to its Institucional Acts (THERE), acts that had suppressed the rights social politicians, civilians and of our society per 21 years. In the night of day 15 of February I came across with a scene, in full central seedbed of the Avenue President Vargas (in the height of the building headquarters of the Subway River, felt Leopoldina), she made that me to reflect on the quality of the police action who we have. Three agents of the State (an officer and two squares p.m.), practising gratuitous and desmedida violence against two immobilized citizens already, under the eyes of that they passed there. I say citizens, therefore I understand that any that has been the presumption delict of those young, the condition of citizen of them was not suppressed, being, therefore, citizens of rights. Disproportionate the gratuitous violence and of the agents of the State on the citizen sends in them to the times of the absence of the rights. As to conceive the existence of such act in the times of democracy? Our Great Letter of 1988, guarantees to all the citizens the right, despite having committed a delict/crime, to have preserved its physical, psychological and moral integrity; to be submitted the judgment just; in case that the convict, who has a proportional penalty to the committed action. Everything this being foreseen in law, therefore does not have crime/delict, without it has a law it defines that it as such. Analyzing all this brief passage between a delict and its judgment in a democratic society that we believe to live, I did not obtain to identify where moment the law guarantees to the policeman the right to the practical one of the extortion, of the violence physical and psychological gratuitous that I testified there, in full Carnival, in a way taken for other citizens, what unhappyly it seems not to be an isolated act in the City of Rio De Janeiro. .