Cultural Plurality

DIVERSITY AND CULTURAL PLURALITY IN BRAZIL Slvia Moreira Alves Prof. Davi de Miranda University Center Leonardo of the Vinci – UNIASSELVI Full Licenciatura in Geography (GED 0611) Ttrabalho of 19/11/2010 graduation SUMMARY we have acquired during millenia of our existences, knowledge that if accumulate and enrich our culture, therefore we are a people miscigenado for diverse races, living in harmony. Still we have resqucios of racismos and preconceptions, but we evolve each day knowing to give the necessary importance, the cultural manifestations, have the world-wide recognition, of the value of our culture and we identify in them and we are proud in them for this gamma of manifestations that embelezam and enrich our parents giving quality to our way of life. Words – key: Culture; Diversity; Globalization. 1 INTRODUCTION the people if differ ones from the others. They vary in the color of the skin, the height, the form of the eyes, the hair, the sex and many other physical characteristics. Also we choose different options in our beliefs religious, our values, our ways to establish the familiar bows, in the way as we assume the roles of man and woman and in as much other aspects of the organization of the life in society.

We have diversities in the characteristics of our subjective world. Inside of a society, still, the access to the material and symbolic wealth results in different possibilities to organize the life. This without speaking in those differences that exist between peoples who live inside of one same nation and in that exist between nations. We evidence that to argue the subject ' ' plurality cultural' ' it means to stand out a sufficiently intriguing question: why we, human beings, even so let us be an only biological species, develop so different and conflicting ways of life? When searching some possibilities of explanation, we can also think about the forms of relationship with the differences human beings for the development in our way of living.