Part Ceiling

Glass fiber is pressed against the surface coated with adhesive tissue. Glue is applied by brush or roller and leveled. Apply only as much adhesive as you need for a single piece of steklovolokna.3. At gluing fabric on the ceiling will need an assistant, because it alone is difficult to simultaneously lay and flatten the fabric. Check carefully whether to lay a cloth, and only then presses it to potolku.4.

The latter region pressed sheet and smooth out gradually. In order not to have formed wrinkles, smooth from the middle and the part where the fabric is glued on. Smooth from the middle of storony.5. On the ceiling near the walls, decorative edge, but it pretty simple. The fabric is pressed against the edge and trimmed with a sharp nozhom.6. Fiberglass glue from the ceiling. Make an incision in the middle of the floor and remove the cut strip.

The edges smooth and dock with the wallpaper brush or valika.7 rubber. Ceiling is decorated with plaster moldings. Her plank fabric and make one or more cuts from the middle to the edges. After that, it would be easy to press the fabric to the edges of the molding and cut off excess with a sharp nozhom.8. That cover the entire ceiling, there was enough and three sheets. For the remainder of the surface bonded to a narrower slice overlap of 5 cm incision is then made and remove the extra strip. How to make invisible seams If there is concern that ceiling and walls are cracked, they covered with a thin glass fiber. Working with him is somewhat different than with simple paper or thick glass with a clear coating fakturoy.Pri conventional fiberglass or roll sheets of wallpaper to the edge of dock, and a thin glass glue to the overlapping width of 3-5 cm then make an incision with a sharp knife in the middle of the floor and remove both poloski.Esli then firmly press both the sheet and smooth out the joint, it becomes almost nezametnym.Listy bonded with an overlap width of a few centimeters. Then smooth the fiberglass, for example, wallpaper brush. With a sharp knife make an incision in the middle of the overlap. The knife held upright, clutching enough to immediately cut both layers of tissue. The first strip of fabric moves easily. And in order to remove the second strip with a knife carefully lift the top edge. Smooth butt wallpaper brush, hugging her strongly.