Main Kitchen

According to designers, most difficulties arise from the masking of gas boilers, since these units are frankly ugly and take up much space. Optimal option – when a special niche for the gas boiler provides apartment layout (some new buildings have already switched to the regime of local heating), and the designer is to close a mini-boiler decorative doors in tone decoration. In "normal" apartment gas boiler can be placed in one of the sections of kitchen units, but the standard box it should distinguish between the absence of "roof" and the presence of air vent, which provide air circulation necessary for operation of the boiler. But under the cooler you can order additional cabinet-style kitchen units – a wooden tower looks good and solves the problem of zoning interior. Not decorate the environment and standard radiators. Of course, now produce and designer radiators that are adapted to different styles of interior (especially impress luxury iron battery in the Baroque ") but in some cases easier to buy special screens on the radiators: they are the front panel (box with grid) is removable and is attached to the magnets. Mass variants of decoration and a wide range of sizes – the main advantages of such screens, although at the request of the customer can make a designer and the author's framing of the radiator, perfectly in harmony with the specific situation. Do not forget about the embedded underfloor convectors, replacing traditional radiator systems: they are practically invisible if the color grid to select a tone flooring, upholstery, curtains.

And there are models that are built not on the floor, and in sill space (a lattice in this case cut into the sill). Often, the author of the design project have to puzzle over and disguise a boiler. If the boiler is located in the bathroom, designers try to place it in unit with a washing machine that both marker device could conceal a sliding door closet. If the boiler is installed in the kitchen, it, like a gas boiler will have to "settle" within the kitchen. This problem simplified, if we acquire a boiler in the form of bladders, which dutifully takes the form of any box. A wide range of contemporary kitchen hoods completely eliminates the problem of "boring" box on the hob the cooking surface. You can find and factory exhaust device with an exclusive design. Not so easy to choose what is best – a stylish range hood, range hood, mirror or a chandelier, further illuminating the work area at the stove? Not accidentally designers say: if the subject is impossible to hide, then it must make the art object.