Canadian Punks

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In vocalist Billy Talent Ben Kowalewicz special relationship with Australia: born Canadian, he almost did not stay to live here. "In 2001, I and my friend got on a plane to Australia and we had some great three weeks, that friend of mine said: – Hell, I'm staying here! At home I did not kept, […]

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Russian Federation

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Among the Russian artists of the Wanderers is remarkably pure stands Vasnetsov, in his own childhood joy. As in other words will convey the tremendous attraction to the popular fairy tales, and not foreign, but only our people, or close to them tales of our writers? Only they – the creator of the picture can […]

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Zarema Dadaeva

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In all images the city is surrounded by a sun-drenched and full of those colorful spectacular color sensation, which transmits only in black and white photos. Feeling light-heartedness, joy and a special world view shared by all pictures. It is naive and yet looks strictly Orthodox church in the main square of the capital, or […]

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The Ideal City

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Petersburg. Place for the university was determined also on a hill between the current regional hospital and the barracks of the former Mechnikov Simferopol regiment. And as a band he managed to get … Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself. Russian ambassador in Vienna, Andrei Razumovsky reported: “I wanted to I send to you first pianist and […]

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Slavic Mysteries

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The main song – "Flock", the performer transforms into a wolf running away from hunters (at least, are the most obvious mythological associations.) Very rhythmic music, with the active use of drums, the ringing tone of the singer, active in vzhivsheysya role, do not leave indifferent audience. The song, in fact, "Cold blood" archaic images […]

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All Quiet

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In 1874-1876, the years 1882-1883 Vereshchagin visits India, where he has traveled, climbed the Himalayas and studied the habits and life of the local population, as well as the extraordinary beauty of the surroundings. The result is a more than one hundred and fifty works. The best of which are – 'Buddhist temple in Darjeeling' […]

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Hendrix Experience

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Their albums and singles consistently hit the charts. Thus, from 1967 until 1969, becoming the first place and the flourishing of the top teams BBB (British Blues boom). Fashion for the blues has become so overwhelming that many of the original psychedelic-rock compositions are administered in a greater or lesser extent, elements of the genre […]

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Further, with approximately the same popularity (about 90,000 requests) are three very different musical styles – classical music, rap and pop (here made a rough adjustment to the ambiguity of the query "pop" and peresekaemost with similar requests.) High rating of classical music, waltzes, ballads and country music I was pleasantly surprised and if in […]

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The series "Friends", which first appeared on screens in 1994, is considered the best comedy series about friendship. Anna Belknap insists that this is the case. He was issued for ten seasons and won a huge love of the audience in more than one hundred countries around the world. Protagonists series were quite a number […]

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China No Longer Enough

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The label " Made in China" one extends by the world as a virus and seems that there is no remedy that restrains its presence. A phenomenon, that as it is verifying in its daily work AsiInspection, the company specialized in the Quality control and to the Services of Inspection, Audit and Test of Laboratory […]

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