Chamorro Children

Apparently, representatives of local fauna occurred to her taste: in a time of living on Guam tree snake out of the fifteen species of endemic birds leaving only two thin out and the composition of insects and small reptiles. Artfully made toys and educational story about her interested in any child – including what lives inside every adult. So boldly giving the snake, not only children but also to their dads! Or even mothers – if those nerves of steel:) And those who do not appreciate such a representative of the local fauna, even if not living, give them one more traditional island souvenir: carved wooden miniature canoe, a replica of those that smoothly glide across the blue ocean-like surface. Beneath this placid water hidden real treasures. Exotic fish swim without fear by divers, and also fearlessly come in the hands of those who want to bring a toy gift kids. Funny, bright, clown fishes (known for the cartoon about the adventures of fish named Nemo) cause a lot of joy to your own children or children of friends and employees. Learn more at: Adam Sandler. And their parents in the meantime will be able to watch a movie with your participation, shot during a dive instructor: the local diving is probably the cheapest in the world. Calendars and booklets on dive trips, too, are excellent souvenirs and visual propaganda in favor of a trip to Guam. But no less alluring to the mysterious island and the bowls are carved from coconut palm, and products made from palm leaves (Eg, the classic "bird of happiness" Chamorro, which can be woven with his own hands during an excursion into the ethnic village), and souvenirs made of shells and corals.

Rioja Alta

That is why, for example, Rioja and Malaga completely different labeling wines age. Is also important that the Council either prohibits the use of sulfur dioxide (it is added to the wort as an antiseptic), or severely restricts it. So the fine wines of Spain – guaranteed to clean and contain no harmful chemical additives. Higher category of Spanish wines or Denominacion de Origen Calificada, abbreviated – doc. This category is assigned only to the best wine regions. Well, now, proceed to particulars.

So, the best known Spanish wine, of course, Rioja (rioja), which performed in the same region. It is therefore worth thinking twice before they bring such a gift: for Rioja wines – not such a rarity in the supermarkets. However, in the northern region, usually do not get the best grade. So a really good bottle of Rioja can be a good present for your lover. How do I choose? Traditionally, the best wines are produced in the north, in the Rioja Alta. Rioja Alavesa produce somewhat more light and soft versions of wine. But Rioja Baja specializes in table wines – enough mass, but not the best quality.

With regard to age wine, Rioja for the following classification: Joven – new wine this year. Crianza – aged a year in oak cask and at least one year in the bottle, though, usually has an age of three to five years. Reserva – aged a minimum of two years in oak barrels, plus a year in the bottle.

Thailand Travel Stories

I have the ball three times in Thailand, and each time falling in love in this beautiful country, more and more! The first time I flew to Thailand in January 2005 for 2 weeks and everything went just two weeks with an open mouth and wide open to astonishment – so here are all wonderful and unusual. Firstly, people are very friendly, polite, smiling and friendly, they are our first steps to Thailand is trying to make our stay comfortable. Our journey started from Bangkok – the capital of the kingdom, with the city that never sleeps. On the evening until two in the morning, and then boiling it until the morning entertainment life: a variety of bars with evening show program, clubs, discos and massage parlors. In the evening we sailed on a ship on the river ", where Thai artists have shown us a concert – even tried to sing in Russian. And what was the food – all unusual, all delicious, besides – "buffet". During the day we comfortable bus went on a tour, visited the royal palace with the temple Emeralds, Buddha, Reclining Buddha Temple, National Museum, where the collection of masterpieces of art in Southeast Asia. I did a lot of pictures.

After Bangkok continued our journey to the city of . Here, the exotic, no less – is the sea and excursions, and a great climate, and Thai massage, and local people in traditional costumes selling on every corner souvenirs and various crafts. I liked very much to bargain with them – if skillfully to bargain, the price can be lowered to 50%. The Baltic Sea – Sinai Gulf Pacific, warm and tender round god. are mostly urban and over loungers and umbrellas to pay, when translated into U.S. Dollars 30. The beach is very intrusive service! What's here only do not offer – from the "precious" stones, which is undoubtedly crafts, souvenirs, leather products and ending with the meal (delicious prawns in batter).