Super Paradise

Although without a doubt, which left me stupefied is the well-known zone like ” small Venecia”. The district of Small Venice is filled with old woman elegant and beautiful houses that are located in the edge of the sea precariously. This charming district cannot be traveled to Mykonos and not be visited. That if, this district becomes at night, and then when a celebration can be found extraordinary. In addition, from this zone the famous wind mills of Mykonos can be glimpsed, that were used mainly for the crushing of the agricultural yields and altogether there are 16 operative mills. The mills shine by their white color like the snow and it is no wonder there were so many mills by the island, since she is famous by his hurricane winds. If the capital leaves astonished to which the visit, you cannot be done to the idea of its beaches with fine white sand with totally crystalline waters. Pity that many of them are saturated of hammocks and parasols.

In any case, this happens with beaches of the South zone, because those of the North zone they are totally virgin, and it is possible to be enjoyed the sand, the sun and the water without great agglomerations, he is brilliant! That if, in some of beaches, especially Paradise and Super Paradise, the tranquillity finishes to the 17:00, hour in which takes the celebration, the go-gos jump on the tables and is necessary to give it everything enjoying the celebration. Here the celebrations usually finish for midnight, but it is then when there is to move to the capital, and to continue there until it dawns again and you can go to sleep to the hotel with the few forces that you have left. Perhaps the greater problem is now to find hotels cheap in Mykonos where to lodge, so if you need more information, you can find enough in the following guide of Mykonos totally written in Castilian.