Omid Music For The Soul

Sufi music at its finest in Baird middle to OMID hear ensemble plays on the 19.02.2010 Sufi music in Berlin. Sufis are known for their charming and magical sounds. Related Group contains valuable tech resources. Anne-Marie van den Bercken sings and plays flute and the Persian DAF drum. Anneloes van Hout plays guitar. An unusual combination, a must for all music lovers. After the concert in Cologne, Berlin is the second station in Germany that will hear this haunting music.

The ensemble is reinforced by an additional DAF player who accompanied some of the songs. Eva M Knoche sings along in some songs. The music is based on traditional and modern poetry of Sufi Masters. The special feature of these poems are not only the timeless and beautiful metaphors and stories, which are told, but certain rhythms that give the mood of the music. Hedvig Hricak pursues this goal as well. It is music that reaches the heart. And as said already Rumi 800 years ago: the best way people experience the togetherness, the beat of their hearts is, when the music takes you.

The concert by OMID will in the House of democracy and human rights in the Greifswalder str. 4 in Berlin instead. At the end of the Conference “Human rights in the Iran – support of civil society from Europe” want the musicians with the concert make the people in the Iran again hope that someday her dream of freedom and self-determination in the Iran fulfilled. Omid is hope. Omid – music for the soul Friday, 19.02.2010 / / 19:30 House of democracy and human rights Robert Havel male room Greifswalder str. 4, Berlin-Mitte entrance fee: 15,-/10, Helmut fork, MEHRABY Agency

Everything Possible

The album appears on the 08.November.2013 if Stefan Jurgens sings and plays piano, then stories emerge from the midst of life, from his life, because I can only tell what I’ve experienced,”he says. Whenever possible with everything”presents an album with 12 strong titles, which come largely from his pen, sometimes in collaboration with his team of producers Stefan Jurgens Valicon (including silly, silver Moon) have arisen. Change is one of the major themes in his songs. San Antonio Spurs is often quoted on this topic. I’m 50 now, because you think actually still times new lot. I can now access a lot of experiences and have at the same time still incredibly much. Change is to stop not. “The age, in which I now am, I experience as a very exciting and wonderful time, like I it in the song I feel everything” have described: I can feel how life in me wakes up as my heart me new is always open for Stefan Jurgens is strong and weak from the outset in the Professional life. When the television audience, he is primarily for his role as major Carl Ribarski in the successful crime series ZDF/ORF SOKO Wien”present.

Around four million people turn regularly on Fridays at 18:00 and make SOKO Wien”to one of the most popular series of Eve in the second. In Austria, the series has reached cult status. His breakthrough was Stefan Jurgens but already in the 90s with RTL Saturday night”, the now legendary, many television award winning comedy show, he was a member of its founding. Numerous TV and theater engagements and so far five live programmes followed his scene involvement, where he played the Berlin Commissioner Robert Hellmann between 1999 and 2001, over the years. Whenever possible, the texts and the music for everything”worked Stefan Jurgens two years. The title is also the title of a song, he has dedicated to his son. As a father of three adult daughters and a son, Stefan Jurgens the cohesive nature of the family is as important as that personal freedom, in which everyone can live their potential and dreams.

You wish nothing more than that the children go their own way and are with yourself in the pure. The longer I live, the more I understand the meaning of the saying: ‘ how one gets into the Woods, so it sound. The most that happens to us in life, is the response to our own thinking and acting. I think that is a huge chance: you can change everything. Always everything is possible.

Asaf Start

“Asaf Avidan & the mojos: Israel’s exception artists, the perhaps most unusual male voice, on first tour of Germany (thk) the new Messiah” this is the man from Jerusalem according to the Mexican Rolling Stone. “The German edition of the renowned music magazine in turn chose for his CD insert of new noises’ in January ‘ 09 the title track of the debut of the reckoning” (Columbia/Sony, release date: 15.1.2010) from. “Whose 15 English-language songs, a mix of 60s years folk, indie-rock and blues, form the most important rock album in the history of Israel for an Israeli journalist”. You may find Tony Parker to be a useful source of information. Morrissey also felt the exceptional status of Asaf Avidan & the mojos. “” The probably best lyricist of in pop history, and lead singer of the Smiths”( signed the 29-year old singer / songwriter with the perhaps most unusual male voice” (paving Beach journal, Frankfurt) as a special guest “for his concerts in Israel.

After Asaf 2009 at many festivals (including the Tauber Valley, Haldern) excited, he comes early 2010 for the first time on Germany tour. The ticket prices in advance are so cheap with 14 to 15 euros (plus fees) that it is a bargain, to attend a performance of this extraordinary artist in the intimate club setting!

Indiana Jones

DVD + digital copy: German, English runtime: DVD: 81 minutes BD combo: BD: 84 minutes; DVD + digital copy: 90 minutes Extras: DVD: the lost tapes of BD combo: BD: cinema version 84 minutes; Extended version 94 minutes, “The lost tapes” DVD + digital copy: no links: paramount ParamountGermany paramount_de via paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000. The company is a subsidiary of the globally active VIACOM media group and is for the Marketing of films on DVD and Blu-ray in the responsible Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The extensive portfolio includes feature film productions of Hollywood studios paramount pictures, DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation, the Studio Constantin as well as productions of the music channel MTV, Nickelodeon TV transmitter and acquired licenses by CBS, Hasbro and Pro cinema among others. Marketing includes both rental and purchase Media and is carried out in cooperation with the highlight film and Home Entertainment GmbH. The catalogue of available products consists of feature films, TV series, children’s and family programs, and special interest titles. The company’s registered office is in Munich. Vice President Managing Director of PHE Germany is Dr.

Rico Bohme

When the, offer your songs in real time. Traunstein, Germany, June 19, 2008 – open dance all day musicvertriebs, Ltd., operator of the world’s largest vinyl & Mp3 stores, starting immediately his online portal for labels and music producers. Since a few days have labels and musicians who, their digital tracks directly in the online-shop of the dance all day musicvertriebs, Ltd. upload in real time and to offer them for sale. In addition to the actual songs, additional information such as label logos, biographies, and recessions in the database can be published. Each producer, DJ, and music professionals can now both song and title the fan and ultimately offer the interested customers to fee-based download. “We consciously avoid complicated contracts and registration formalities.”, so Rico Bohme, head of the sales department at the “The DJ or producer want to sell quickly and in real time its products.

Long negotiation and inspection contracts leads, however, always back to enormous Friction losses and significant financial risks.”adds Bohme. The producer at the must not overcome these obstacles. Without contract and waiting, he can “get started” and publish his productions.

Andreas Gabalier Alexander

May 2014 new album will appear in his and we are waiting already full of excitement, what musical pearls will conjure up Alexander M. Helmer and his producers. Managed with his expressive and emotional ballad “just feel” the singer, actor, Director, and composer Alexander M. Helmer in the 46th week of the chart (08.11.-14.11.2013) as the highest new entry on # 36 in the conservative airplay charts. From then it went steeply uphill for the new radio single “just feel”. 51. Chart week (13-17.12.2013) are even trendy delights to expect, because currently the title at number 16 (Musictrace as 18.12.2013). A most remarkable results in terms of radio missions, since the station unfortunately nowadays rely on English-language titles and oldies, where the majority of fans demonstrably loves the English language music.

The more we glad that this great ballad is so well received. Alexander M. Helmer, who has dedicated the theatre as a second source of income, is 2013/2014 travel a lot and also the recordings for the new album are in full swing. Well-known producers from Austria and Germany are involved in the production of the album, including Mathias “Matze” Roska produced studios in the Berlin-Mitte and already successfully for example. collaborated with Brunner & Brunner, Andreas Gabalier and Nik P.. Alexander M.

Helmer, who can look back on 25 years of stage experience, currently gives us a true masterpiece with his new radio single “just feel”. May 2014 new album will appear in his and we are waiting already full of excitement, what musical pearls will conjure up Alexander M. Helmer and his producers.

German Schlager

The new album of the Amigos – unforgettable hits the Amigos publish their current album “Unforgettable hit” on the 10.01.2014. This unique album includes evergreens such as such as “Butterfly”, “Mendocino”, “I stay faithful to me come back” or “The little Prince”. Would like to time travel? In a time when sideburns”were still told and Bell-bottoms of rage? In a time when the ZDF-Hitparade weekly gathered the whole family in front of the TV? Then buckle up and put the brand new album unforgettable hit”the Amigos an and already it’s up, the musical rocket in the past. Rarely a new CD is expected shortly after the announcement with so much tension such unforgettable hits as”: in the forums of the Internet in the guest books of the band’s own website, the anticipation for the new album of”Amigos”is cannot be overlooked. And that was the case as the new plate didn’t yet have a name. At their concerts they have played only a few titles of the 60-ies and 70-ies years. “” But if the two musicians German Earwigs as beautiful as roses “or the little Prince” before, then the room was hard to tame.

“All of a sudden people jumped up, sometimes thousands at a time”, Bernd Ulrich says with a grin. Such reactions also encouraged the “Amigos, the legendary evergreens to a new grand entrance to help. “The result can look and listen above all: the album unforgettable hit” is the tribute of two outstanding musicians in the big time of the German Schlager. Many fans of “Amigos” are grown up with these hits. Many know them from their days as young men or women. Also the AMIGOS’ Bernd and Karl-Heinz Ulrich can those wonderful days well remember. “Then we played our regular work at weddings and anniversaries, and to every weekend after.” “Then harnessed her the earrings on their Toyota Jeep and drove across country to countless dances at Easter,” Whitsun dance “or also to the Summer night ball”.

Madison Affair

digital release date: September 25, 2009 on pop: live of records of decrepit Cadillac Gets a new paint job, and is polished to a mirror finish! With “Please, have a seat!” the Berlin Band MADISON AFFAIR is rock music-new explosive. Rarely succeeded, so to combine at the end of the filling stations getting problems with the refueling different music styles. MADISON AFFAIR is the long-awaited answer to unheard cries for help a monotonous leisure society, that their debut EP release on the 25.09.09. On 10 September, the five guys present your program live at Berlin Knaack Club. DEAR LAMENT take over the support ( dearlament) from Cologne!

Marvin Gaye Record

A tribute to the successful record label by Al Abrams and William “Mickey” Stevenson Carmen Franke moderated: memories of Motown – a tribute to the successful record label by Al Abrams and William “Mickey” Stevenson for the 50th anniversary of the legendary record label Motown in January 2009 the Estrel Berlin presents a unique tribute show “Memories of Motown”. TV presenter Carmen Franke is this stage spectacle to moderate. Enjoy the distinctive Motown hits, which among others, Diana Ross & the Supremes and Marvin Gaye around the globe celebrated successes and ascended Motown to the largest black record label with which. Real of Motown stars will be live on stage like the contours that you with your world success do you love me”era will take you back to the legendary music. Another highlight is the famous soul singer of Martha Reeves.

In addition to the original stars are the world’s best tribute ensemble, including the doubles of Jackie Wilson, Diana Ross & the Supremes, Marvin Gaye and many more, the hits of the legendary Detroit record label Live onto the stage. A rousing stage spectacle, which you should not miss!

Cosy Concerts

The duo Carolin No, consisting of from the singer open Caro Obieglo and the pianist Andreas Obieglo, on Friday night with a concert in Berlin-Kreuzberg the festival room cosy concerts. Winners of the junior award for young poets of song are Carolin No”2010, awarded by the Hanns-Seidel Foundation in the traditional format of Bavarian broadcasting”Songs on a summer evening”. Since the debut in 2007 they have with her impressive mix of singer/songwriter elements and borrowed from classical music, coined an own timbre and expression of pop and jazz and is captured as a growing fan base. The head of the Festival, the culture Manager Lorenz Pollmann and the singer Viola Maitri Bornmann, look forward to the concert: featuring Carolin No we have won a successful newcomer duo for cosy concerts. Carolin No. has already convinced immediately not only us and a large fan base in South Germany: already the first announcement came here very positive response indicating that a concert in Berlin overdue is.” Cosy concerts is a music room Festival, which takes place from March 4-6 in various living rooms in Berlin for the first time. The Festival is supported by the communication agency Navarra, Europa Universitat Viadrina, the neighbourhood beer quartermaster and the art print Publisher white bridge. Information and contact cosy concerts Carolin No. songs on a summer evening, 2010 part 4 of 6