Sylvanian Village

Fun in the Easter basket brings EPOCH dream meadows a.M./Nurnberg with the cheerful world of kindergarten and family Wollmann and colorful vegetable garden set Frankfurt, 22.02.2013. Just in time for the Easter egg hunt EPOCH dream meadows brings new products from the world of the Sylvanian families. Parents, grandparents and relatives for weeks looking for an Easter gift for the young. Suitable for all budgets should be high quality, educational and entertaining. Remedy with its news gives EPOCH dream meadows in March including the Rainbow kindergarten, the kindergarten swings, the kindergarten toilet and the combination nursery sandbox/pool. Off the bed is for girls from 3 with the sheep family Wollmann and the vegetable garden set.

Rainbow nursery school the Rainbow kindergarten is a place for hilarious hour in Sylvanian village. No wonder that the sprouts every day on the time in the colorful building forward: They love on the roof with Rainbow in sky optics to play, look out from the balcony of the clouds, soak up the Sun on the bench in front of the window, or slide down the yellow slide mounted on the side of the building. Nursery swing can enjoy really here equal to several children! The kindergarten swings consists of two seats, which are mounted between the trees. The suspension is designed with cute flowers, sit a yellow and a red bird. The playground extend a slide and a see-saw. Hui, that’s fun! Kindergarten toilet of offspring in Sylvanian village is big and needs no more diapers. Instead, he goes to the kindergarten bathroom.

It consists of two separate rooms in a tree look with a urinal and toilet, including door. Special eye-catcher is the large sink with Rainbow kindergarten logo. This EPOCH dream meadows has taken into account the pedagogical usefulness: do not forget after Pippi Handewasche! Kindergarten sandbox/pool double fun guaranteed compensation the multi-functional combination Kindergarten sandbox/pool.