The Organism

You can use it in time to receive the necessary energy-power required for the body to maintain an organized discipline functioning and decision-making, at least in the daily choice of methods and lines of life. This – a significant expansion of personal freedom, as the energy pumping of the organism, which leaves not much time, provides an opportunity to build the capacity of personal strength and determination to gain experience from session to session. In no case, color correction should not be regarded as a passive process of getting rid of regulatory violations, but it is important to treat it as a strategically meaningful way to cultivate your own capacity and the method of feeding the image formed by the action and the way of relations with reality. CPS helps a person raise himself, with a total joy and quiet pleasure! Energy – it means freedom! Choice, realized at the time of regular diagnosis – it is the experience of penetration into their own preferences and analyze their own reactions to imposed stimuli. Thus, step by step, gradually crystallizes the type of person who engaged in a long time wanted to become really, but just do not know how optimal and efficient way to implement it! A person can carry only weak and poorly organized a full life without the food necessary for his impressions. Of course, we continually perceive various sensations, coming on every Step into contact with the outside world. However, occasionally this process must be in a special way to organize, in particular, in the process of integrated diagnostic urgent Energy needs of the organism and in sessions the perception of strictly ordered color and musical stimuli during the correction.