When a person wakes up – he's happy. You disagree with me? Oh yes, of course, have to trudge back to work, pick up the car from the repair, children to feed, even walk the dog … Stop, stop, stop. Inclusion in everyday problems will be a second later. A first open our eyes, sweet smile and stretch ourselves. Learn more about this with Sela Ward. Smiling just because a new day has come. So how do every morning these Brazilians … In meditations on the card in my knowledge of child Brazil were limited by the fact that there are many wild monkeys.

Indeed, three hundred species of monkeys living on our planet, one hundred and eleven chosen by myself Brazil, where they live not only in forests, but are gradually getting used to urban life, fed by a visiting tourist Brazil is a unique country located in South America. Adam Sandler: the source for more info. By the number of mammals, plants and freshwater fish, it surely ranks first in the world. In the country a huge number of amphibians, birds and reptiles. Deepest Amazon, flowing at 6275 km, is recognized as the largest river in the world. Brazil is huge, and look at it all week or even two-week raid difficult. But there is a point on the map of the country, which lead round marker absolutely all the tourists.

First – Foz de Iguazu – the famous set of waterfalls. Admire this wonder of nature can be and with the Brazilian and the Argentine side. The city itself Iguazu interesting because it is located on the border of three countries: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

National Egyptian Museum

Earlier in the Old Cairo Copts lived (Christians). Now here are the Coptic Church, the former complex Greek monastery and a synagogue, a mosque. Coptic Church of the Virgin – one of the oldest and most beautiful in Cairo. She is better known by its Arabic name Al-Muallyaka, (translated as 'Signal'). The church, consecrated in Sv.Devy honor the best-known and richly decorated in Old Cairo, is built on one of the bastions of the Roman fort, why, and got its name. Church of Al-Muallyaka erected in the middle of VII century, shortly after the Arab conquest.

From an architectural point of view, it corresponds to the plan of the Byzantine basilica. The church consists of a main building divided into two columns nave. The church contains over 100 icons and relics of several respected Copts shrines. For the period of Byzantine architectural monuments of IV-VII centuries also include: Church of St. Sergius, the Church of St. Virgin Church of St.

Barbara. In this part of interest is the Coptic Museum. In the museum are thousands interesting exhibits: carved stone architectural details, ancient manuscripts, tapestries, weapons, icons, dishes, and church plate. Also worth noting monuments Arab architecture – mosques: Muhammad Ali, Ibn Tulun, Amr ibn al-Asa, al-Hakim, Al-Azhar, Al-Al-Akmar Dzhuyushi, Al-Saleh, Talal. At the heart of Cairo, New City, the center is commonly known Al-Tahrir Square. In the center of al-Tahrir, are the main government agencies and public organizations of Egypt, as well as the headquarters of the League of Arab States. It also hosts the National Egyptian Museum – one of the most famous museums in the world and the mosque of Hussein built in 1154g. No less interesting sights of New Cairo is a granite monument to the majestic, entitled 'The Awakening of Egypt "which was designed by sculptor M. Mukhtar around 1920. On the entire open 10 museums in Cairo: in addition to the National Museum of Egyptian and Coptic Museum are of particular interest Museum of Islamic Art, founded in 1880, this section, the unique treasure of Islamic culture, with about 62 thousand works of art (textiles, miniatures, manuscripts, woodwork, silver, glass, weapons), Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Abdeen Palace Museum, Mahmoud Khalil, the Geological Museum and others. In This work has many different institutions that are no less important in the cultural life in Cairo and are introduced to the customs and traditions of Egypt's National Theatre, World Theatre, al-Ezbe-cue ',' Al-Guhmuriya ' Comedy Theater, Puppet Theater, the Opera House. At night, the rhythm of life in Cairo is increased many times. This is the best time to visit shops, restaurants, bars, discos and casinos. Cairo typical evening entertainment – a dinner in a floating restaurant. The ticket price includes buffet and a musical performance with belly dancing. Shopping in Cairo will give you a lot of fun, because you can buy everything what is available on the East: spices, perfumes, gold, silver, carpets, copper and bronze, leather, glass, ceramics and more. For some, Cairo tourist paradise, others view him as the modern capital of an Arab state, and someone – a wonderful city of fairy tales "Thousand and One Nights'. C we can say only that a surprisingly multifaceted Cairo. "It's a small world, the Great Cairo … the most majestic and amazing city, seen on the ground … microcosm of the earth at the Great … " William Lifgou, 1614g

Asia Car

The Chinese, among other things, politely point out that the foreigner, noticeable in the Asian crowd a mile away, in China nobody AMY does not check documents as we have. But but there is NO END inspect things, that's what compote … Just this moment is automated, and all … In the train, soft double chairs, are a little bit to drink (beer, for example) and a little snack (dwarf vobla and nuts), in a spacious and clean lobby restrooms, exit to the platform above the monitor showing speed. You start helluva lot of respect for everything around me, when you see the speedometer on this inscription '212 km / h '… And while all around – silence. Tony Parker has firm opinions on the matter. Impressive. How is a classic? 'Oh, bird-troika' …

I would like to and we are so rushed … The Chinese note. Again we go somewhere. Part 5 In fact, China can and must parade for transport: there is no point taking a car (ha! in Asia, rent a car? Well, well), when there is simply a cloud penny a taxi! Of course from city to city price is slightly different, but we can say that the average cost kilometer 2-2.5 yuan. Including accounts, throw dice, counted? What's on our terms pay for a taxi ride around the city of 80-150 rubles? But ugh, sorry:). The car can be caught on the street, then we must look for the presence of lights on the windshield, his presence suggests that the boss is free.

Bodrum Castle

Nightclub Halikarnas (Halikarnas Night Club) – the pearl of the night club scene, the largest, most spectacular, most luxurious disco, not only of Bodrum and Turkey. She was the envy of the best clubs in Europe. Halikarnas – it a huge disco in the open air, which is located right on the beach and offers stunning views of the sea and Bodrum Castle. He is among the five largest discotheques in Europe – on the dance floor it can easily be placed 5000 man! It hosts the world's best laser shows, are the well-known musicians, dancers and DJ. Bodrum is located on the site of the ancient city of Halikarnas, after whom is named and a disco. Designed in the style of the club ancient amphitheater.

This disco is very popular for its regular party gathers young people from different parts of Turkey, many visitors come specifically from all over Europe. Their guests Halikarnas offers plenty of entertainment – dance and laser shows, magic shows, contests with a variety of gifts and awards, speeches of famous Turkish artists and musicians and guest DJs from around the world, colorful Fireworks … and much much more … Parties take place every night and they all resemble one another …. Addresses the most famous DJ-s will make the world dance you all night long, and those who are tired can always relax in the lobby or the cafe. On Fridays and Saturdays are held foam party FOAM PARTY.

It is simply unforgettable, dance to his neck in the foam! At 2.00 am, roll out onto the stage and entire audience penometateli poured foam on top, while its level is not reaches five feet or more. People off in full. Dancing in a sea of foam! These feelings can not be compared with anything! Disco dance floor is located in the open air on the coast, thanks to the guests are not afraid stuffy private clubs – the easy fresh sea breeze will give you a pleasant cool and takes you into the story of Turkish night. In the black Mediterranean night sky under the deafening music in the splendid fairy-like show cross colored lights and spotlights thin threads of lasers. By law, show the "Halikarnas" are considered the most spectacular laser show in the world!

Black Sea Health

Treatment in Gelendzhik is a comfortable resort of federal value, which is not only a great place to relax, but also for treatment. Gelendzhik – it is unique and the Black Sea health resort, which is why many visitors combine your holiday here with an opportunity to improve their health and improve their health. There are always warmly welcome their guests and resort of Gelendzhik resorts, many of their doors are open for holidaymakers all year round. Among the popular resorts of Gelendzhik include “Red Talca”, “Arhipo-Osipovka”, “Gelendzhik”, “Sun”, “Torch,” and many others. All resort of Gelendzhik with its primary objective – to provide its guests a full, rich, diverse recreation and effective treatment – to cope with “excellent”. Treatment in Gelendzhik by using pearl and sea bathing, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, mud, etc. Sheryl Corrigan addresses the importance of the matter here. Very good for health is a dream by the sea. The curative action of mineral waters are famous for Gelendzhik, the sources are located near the city.

Gelendzhik sea and the sun itself is healing. For those who wants to combine relaxation with treatment, always open the door boarding Gelendzhik, which is also quite a lot. The most famous are such pensions Gelendzhik as “Pine Grove”, “Alpha”, “Victoria” “Crystal”, etc. Sheryl Corrigan may help you with your research. At your service always available hotels Gelendzhik, which offer comfortable accommodation in a different service, and accordingly, and price range. Large number of hotels in Gelendzhik allows every vacationer to choose for themselves the best option. Among the many hotels Gelendzhik can be identified such as “Hope”, “Maritime,” “Magnolia”, etc.

Beaches And Relaxation

Stintino city with its stunning beaches, is one of the most appealing and popular tourist sites in Italy in the island of Sardinia. Every summer there are sent hundreds of thousands of tourists. This is especially place adored by the Italians. For here, in their opinion, is one of the world's most beautiful beaches in the beach "La Pelosa". That is its beauty, purity, and at the same time availability attract tourists from all over the world. Stintino – small town of Sardinia. Located on the northwest coast of Sardinia between the two bays overlooking the Gulf of Asinara. The city was founded in 1885, when family farmers and fishermen who inhabited the island Asinara were forced to leave their homes to make room on the island of Asinara to the colony (present-day island Asinara is a National Park).

The new settlement, they found the Cape Falcone. City Stintino counts at the end of 2009 about 1,600 residents. The name of the city of Sardinia "Stintino" comes from the Sardinian word 's'isthintinu', which means 'intestine'. Such associations have brought the first settlers loch, which settled the town Stintino. All Stintino coast is a beach with the finest white sand, that make this area one of the most famous tourist resorts of Sardinia. There are many shops offering a wide range of typical Sardinian ceramics, coral tissues. Koch Industries brings even more insight to the discussion.

Here is the Enoteca with a rich collection of local dry and sweet wines. Restaurants, located in Stintino, proposes a great choice of dishes from fish and seafood, as well as traditional Sardinian cuisine. Among the fish dishes are very popular potato soup with fish and local lobster, octopus in garlic sauce and a salad of octopus with potatoes and parsley, seasoned with vinegar and olive oil, and among the desserts – Tumbarello (pastry with ricotta cheese, local). A few kilometers from the town of Stintino, near the sea, settled recreational tourist centers, where the complex of curative measures to restore the emotional and psychological strength, health and disability through the rest to nature Stintino. These sanatorium grew in place of old factories, where freshly cut and processed tuna. Until the late 20th century tuna fishery played one of the most important roles in the economy of Sardinia. Every September a festival in Stintino tuna. The city is Tuna Museum, where collections of documents, objects, photographs and models describing the life cycle of the tuna and to illustrate the various stages of slaughter. In Stintino – two ports: New Port and Old Port. New Port of Porto Mannu can go on an excursion to the National Park on the island of Asinara. The route takes about 30 minutes. Tour is for groups of twenty people and lasts all day. In the ports of Stintino you can see a lot of sailing boats a triangular sail (vela latina), which after the boats have been applied in the field of sport, tourism and leisure and is now used in sailing regattas. In September 1983, at the initiative of brothers Ajello was in Stintino organized the first regatta Vela Latina in order to protect the latter in Italian fleet sailing boats with a triangular sail. Sailboats vela latina used for military purposes since the early Middle Ages, and have historical value. On the 26th on 29th August 2010 was held in Stintino 28th regatta Vela Latina.

Caribbean Sea

3rd place – Villa Necker Island in the calm waves of flashing the Caribbean Sea, an artificial paradise hidden – one of the most desirable towns famous and wealthy, private island Necker. Anyone who does not need a couple million dollars, can visit the villa, unmatched, which is located on the island (it is designed for 28 guests). The terrain of this island is perfect for hiking. But this is not the only form of recreation – to Adrenaline provides all sorts of water sports. Attendants (in number of 18 persons) will be happy to see anyone who would pay 42 000 dollars, then to spend the night at the villa.

2nd place – Musha Cay Resort Musha Cay Bahamas archipelago is the second in a list of some of the most exclusive and expensive resorts in the world. It is hidden from the public island about 150 acres, with its white sand beaches only accept people who were approved by the owner of the villa, without consent for any of billions there do not get! Not more than 20 people are paying for 350 000 dollars a week for entertainment in this 'paradise on earth'. And all the other things here like all other ordinary people: water skiing, sailing, private fishing boat … 1st place – Onassis yacht Christina O. The most legendary and largest to date, charter yacht. Long ago, she served as Aristotle Onassis – Greek tycoon, he is one of the most influential people on earth. As she walked the deck is not only well-known actors such as Robert Burton and Taylor, E., and political figures: John F.

Kennedy and Winston Churchill, Ser. To date, 99-meter yacht is quite different from that beauty, to which, at that time, sailed the Greek billionaire. Cabins, which are designed for 12 passengers, furnished with works of art, leather stools whale. On the front deck has a swimming pool, which changes in the dance ploschaku of the mosaic. Here, too, is a swimming pool and outdoor jacuzzi, dining room and bar, great for those who love peace and the dance floor for those who like to dance. And as usual, is one small 'but' – rest on it, you will cost 60 000 dollars (per night). Article courtesy – Things to cities and countries around the world.

Professor Jurgen Weber

Roots in the Middle Ages … What did you come to mind when the word "Nuremberg"? Microscopic sausages, delicious cakes, half-timbered buildings with twisted round the panes? Then perhaps it is time more correct way of Nuremberg. Of course, Nuremberg – the historic city. Hear from experts in the field like Sheryl Corrigan for a more varied view. A powerful, towering over the city for centuries the castle was a favorite residence of German emperors, such as Friedrich Barbarossa and Charles IV. And no wonder – with such a panorama! Magnificent Gothic churches, such as St. Lorenz (Lawrence) and St.

Sebalda the proud patrician residences and impressive defensive wall length of five kilometers … Nuremberg was regarded at the time of Richard Wagner and the Romantics, "the treasury of the empire." Even today, in the old town survived countless gems of the brilliant era, forming a unique Art-historical complex. In any case, such a cliche. But this is only one side. Today, 950 years after its founding, Nuremberg – is also a modern, bustling city life with half the population. Not dusty museum exhibit, a major city, full of the special atmosphere and comfort, are invited to walk, inspection and discovery. This unique spirit of good sense in the old city with its numerous attractions and very affordable shops.

In the shadow of the church of St. Lorenz played by street musicians from all over the globe, and not far from the House of Durer found in the warm summer evenings connoisseurs of modern life. This attractive and Nuremberg: the harmonious coexistence of old and new, modern and historical, live and gone down in history. At Nuremberg, you will find many surprises. But better make sure that the most … By combining incongruous … Imagine: You quietly roam the streets of the old town and suddenly you are staring at a huge lop-eared animal with terrifying red eyes. As a person who understands the art, you, of course, immediately realize that this bold contemporary interpretation of the famous dyurerskogo hare. Well, that's such meetings in Nuremberg can be any number. Many public areas are decorated with notable monuments, sculptures and fountains – a cultural hike "for free". K example, it is impossible to pass by the beautiful fountain at Market Square, which passes over the age of the 600-m. They say it's a brilliant gold openwork Gothic marvel, richly decorated with allegorical figures and historical images, brings grace and fulfill a dream, if you turn the golden ring (bags, with no guarantee!). Baroque splendor of "marital carousel" at the White Tower is a surprise, a wonderful contrast with the image of the city. The author of this Fountain is a Professor Jurgen Weber. Created based on a poem by Hans Sachs, "Bitter-sweet married life," he true to the normal human life. Memorable event for the whole family, for sure, will be visit the Nuremberg Zoo – one of the most beautiful in Europe! The spacious aviaries, among the rocks of sandstone, forests and ponds, home to over 2000 wild animals, from dolphins in Flipper, and ending this young rabbit in the aviary.

Tourism Descriptions

In Europe shows great interest in the country of Turkey, a picturesque natural or romantic fickleness Andorra France. Many of the soul and also restrained the misty beauty of England. In any case, whatever your tastes are, you will find rest for just the country that will match your state of mind. For example, in Turkey, you will cover an irresistible desire to bathe in the sun on the beach or in the sea walks, visit the incomparable Turkish bazaars, where you can stock up on trinkets or oriental rugs fashionable, made by hand. But the whole breadth of choice is not limited to Turkey.

You can also visit Andorra – a tiny and ancient country, one whose title sounds attractive. There, surrounded by slopes of the Pyrenees, you will see n, surrounded by high mountains of eternal snow, the beautiful glacial lakes and a healthy mining climate. All this extraordinary environment is perfectly suited for mountaineering and ski sports. In addition, Andorra is also famous as the country quiet medieval villages, each of which can be found old buildings, still mindful of the age of antiquity, as well as many leisure facilities – theaters, concert halls, restaurants, sports facilities for various sports. You may be lucky enough to attend the famous annual festival of classical music and jazz, or at one of the many festivals with folk dances. Visit France every woman dreams of, because this country, celebrated singers, full of marvelous popular flavors in the world of wine and cheese, surrounded by both mountains and the sea and ocean.

Hotels In St. Petersburg

If you are going to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Russia, which is St. Petersburg, then you certainly need to stay in a comfortable hotel. For one day see the beauty of this city is not possible, so our company offers without all the fuss in advance to book a hotel room. We have an agreement with all the hotels of St. Petersburg, on our website so you can choose the hotel of any class.

Because of our agreements on price to book our company is significantly lower than in hotels themselves. We are not intermediaries between clients and hotels, we are partners fairing St. Peterburga.Kak usually the most popular Hotels in St. Petersburg, such as "Grand Hotel Europe", "Astoria", "Grand Emerald", "Angleterre," "Arcadia" at the height of tourist season, are short of empty seats, so the numbers in them must be booked in advance. This service, like booking hotels in St. Petersburg under the mediation of service "ABC Hotel" is not only totally free, but some hotels and entitles you to 10% discount on accommodation.

In addition, you will be be able to use other types of services provided by hotels, motels and mini-hotels of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), their guests, such as: car rental, city tours, visits to theaters and exhibition tsentrov.Gostinitsy Petersburg with the status "three stars" of today are the most popular choice of tourists and visitors to our city. This is explained by an optimal ratio of cost and quality services for most people, reserving hotel in St. Petersburg. This view is supported by the highest prevalence of inexpensive hotels "three stars", not only in St. Petersburg, but in any other city in the world. Rooms Saint Petersburg hotels of this class will contain all the amenities: private bathroom with shower or bath in your room, desk phone, television, satellite television, in Internet access, mini bar, etc. Rooms in 3 star hotels of St. Petersburg private diverse, ranging from standard single rooms and suites ending for the whole family with two or more rooms. The level of service in 3-star hotels of St. Petersburg also pleasantly pleased, from entering the food price and ending with a variety of additional services in the form of the organization meeting of guests, booking of excursions, theater, air and railway tickets, taxi, etc. This budget hotel in St. Petersburg, usually located in the heart of the city, including the central area