Prize Winning

I think we all probably familiar with the fairground rant 'take a chance, win a prize. " Every time I hear this call to action, immediately break into a cold sweat. If the test is down 6 cans in the formation of pyramids or throwing a dart at a balloon, I'm there, almost hypnotic, coins out of my pocket. And no matter what the prizes are offered either. It could be stuffed panda bears, bubble makers, or even Velcro wallets. What is important for me is to meet the challenge and have a chance.

Now I know many of you have suffered from this "fever fairgrounds" at one time or another. But does it really take this enthusiasm to the real world without fear, when the carnival is over? Taking Chances Taking effective opportunity to do something with an uncertain payoff. To use our adventure show as an example? a game where there is a chance you might win a prize and an opportunity that might not. Now as nice as it is to win awards, not important to become side tracked to believe that this is the only reason why you should play the game because it is not. To become agents of life, we must be continually growing and expanding our capabilities, regardless of the outcome. When we step outside what is comfortable, not only we have become experts in risk assessment in the future, but our innate ability to manage risk is much higher. It is from this space are the prizes of life that flows naturally to you.