Disneyland Paris

Paris, a great city where it is not possible to be stopped visiting his wonderful landscapes, parks, museums like the Louvre and seeing superb works of arts that in them are with pictures of painters of centuries last like Czanne, Goes Gogh, Degas, Renoir, Gauguin and Bonnard that will make us travel by the time. Besides all the art, culture and urban beauty that contributes Paris we were that in recent years the city has blunted like attractive tourist them families and thus to develop his vacations in family. At the moment doing a trip to Paris is synonymous to plan vacations with children, Paris owns many activities in family, its supply of leisure, culture, games and entertainment is very ample since we can enjoy: Marionette theaters, Museum of Sciences, Club of Ponis, Circus, Zoo, Aquatic Park, Strolls to Horse, Strolls in Boat by the Seine to admire the majestic buildings by all means and, cannot be lost the Eiffel Tower, the Arc of the Triumph, Versailles and asegrese to happen a little while of tranquillity in Garden of the Tulleras, In addition the city owns pleasant restaurants in all denominations: restaurants, bistrots, brasseries, etc. We have mentioned since it in Paris diverse attractions exist but without a doubt funniest for smallest it is to go to the amusement park Disneyland Paris. The park is the first European tourist destiny for vacations with children and not so young, that they dream that everything is real wonderful in this place. Than 30,000 meters squared more, 68 restaurants and 54 stores they include five magical territories of the Disney Park where there will be endless diversion for children, mothers, papas and majors of all the ages. It is a place where it is possible to be enjoyed the best vacations in family, in a wonderful world of diversion, gastronomy and stories of you foretell suitable to all the tastes and budgets. The amusement park always is renewing and re-inventing so that is thus visited time and time again and to hallucinate with the exciting attractions, We recommended to you to visit Disneyland Paris and enjoys better vacations in family this season. essful. BlogRoll? Disneyland Paris Emotions for all the family! Leetu.com? Official notices of Press Disneyland Paris Emotions for all the? Disneyland Paris Emotions for all the family! Official notices of? MundoDecoracin the property, the best option to celebrate its wedding? Official notices of Press free Obtain to your Mp4 and English course of