musical style, which combines metal and classical music (with the arrangements of orchestral music). When creating music in this style often used by female vocals, chorus, symphonic music instruments or their simulation using a synthesizer. For a genre characterized by concept albums, duets and choruses from several vocalists. Symphonic metal precursors were the gothic-metal bands like The Gathering and Theatre of Tragedy, applied in my music keyboards and female vocals. The appearance of symphonic metal as a distinct genre usually is ticking on the album the Swedish band Therion Theli in 1996. Therion in previous albums used symphonic arranging, mixing them with death metal, but it was on Theli formed an independent style. Also in 1996 saw the release of the German band called Rage Lingua Mortis, containing the arrangements of their own compositions, which were also marked the very first experiments and metal compounds Orchestra, and the orchestra was placed in the foreground. 1997 was the most important year in the development of symphonic metal.

In that year came the debut albums of three groups that had provided further great influence on the genre. Nightwish and Rhapsody have used symphonic arrangements on the basis of power-metal, while the debut album of Dutch Within Temptation was done in the genre, close to the gothic-metal music Theatre of Tragedy. Fashion for the genre spread quickly, affecting black metal. Bands like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, the most distinguished melody, were promoted to the forefront of keyboards, which ran counter to the canons of the "Black Labour". Later Cradle of Filth even recorded several duets with female vocalists. Almost at the same time have formed groups such as Bal-Sagoth and Summoning, used the keyboard and orchestra no less active than the guitar, and did not follow the ideology of black metal.

Continuation of this development is a work of Sariola, which are connected orkestralny black metal with female vocals, while not completely typical of the genre using extreme vocals. In the late 90's – early 00's there were a number of teams, developing a line "Operatic metal". They include After Forever and splinter Epica, a side project of Theatre of Tragedy vocalist Liv Kristine Leaves' Eyes, Edenbridge, Tristania. Apart in the genre is a group Apocalyptica, performing a thrash metal on cellos. Although her music is also often described as symphonic metal, it does not rise to any of its subtypes, and musicians is an experiment that began with a symphony of cover versions of classic metal bands. In English, the new term Cello Rock (Chello rock – rock on cellos), which characterizes this style. The popularity of symphonic arrangements has spread even to the old heavy metal band. Metallica, Aria, Scorpions, Rage, Manowar recorded and performed with the orchestra. Manowar's latest album in 2007, conceptual Gods of War, contains a group of experiments with symphonic instruments and keyboards.